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How to deal with spiritual marital affairs?

Discussion in 'General Struggles' started by Lee, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. Lee

    Lee Member

    Brothers and sisters,

    I have a cousin, Bee. He is struggling in his marriage. He marries a unbeliever at the time when he was an unbeliever too. Then he come to believe and give his life to Jesus. The only problem is that for about 10 years his wife still does not believe in Christ.

    His wife loves the material of this world. And she tries to please others and show off the lifestyle that she has. She buys so many useless things. That is causing the family a financial burden. Add to that, she is hardly around to have and build personal relationships with her two children and her own husband. She does not see to honor her husband, and she doesn't know how to train her children upright.

    Bee has run out of ideas and spiritual strength to lead on with his marriage. He knows that divorce is not biblical. So he just spend time not knowing where to head in his life for the moment.

    My asking is "how do you deal with a marital problem like this?" Can some of you tell me how I should deal with this and how he should deal with this? Also if anyone of you have time, can you pray for him?
  2. cyberwing

    cyberwing Blessed beyond the curse!

    Actually, this is not entirely correct. Divorce IS Biblical and does have reasons for it. "If the unbeliever wishes to depart, let him depart." "Two unequally yoked CANNOT walk together." Adultery is a biblical reason for divorce also. Don't swallow this 'divorce is against God' garbage. READ the Bible again. Jesus said he wished it were not necessary, but that he understood it was in some cases, because of man's sinful nature, especially when you made a covenant without understanding what that covenant WAS. Many women have died because they would not leave an abusive husband. They were told it wasn't biblical they had to stay and be abused. I'm sorry but I respectfully disagree. I suffered for a while in this situation and then began to seek after His advice and He led me to many scriptures that eased my heart about saving my baby son and myself. Jesus does NOT want His lambs abused in any way.
    What your cousin should do is pray about this, read the scriptures about marriage and covenant relationship, this is a real eye opener! Then seek Jesus' answer. Perhaps your cousin is to be patient and love her anyway as Hosea did Gomer, in this way she will be brought to the knowledge of Christ. Only he and Jesus can solve this problem. No one else. He must seek his answers in prayer and through the Word of God. {{{hugs}}}
  3. Lee

    Lee Member

    Thank you for your advice.