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How long have you played piano?

Discussion in 'Let's Jam!' started by xspinningisfun, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. xspinningisfun

    xspinningisfun Junior Member

    I played for a little over 10 years.
    But want to learn something new.
    Probably the drums or something!
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  2. liesje

    liesje Singing in the rain

    I've played for about 10 years too:)
    I want to learn the violin and flute
  3. stephanieamber

    stephanieamber i am gonna love like you've never seen.

    Salvation Army
    I've played for 16, almost 17 years. WOW that is freaking forever it feels like!
  4. Trial

    Trial Fire Tester

    I've been playing almost all of my life but I just started playing in front of my church congregation 1-2 years ago.:)
  5. Christian Sojourner

    Christian Sojourner Newbie

    10 years here, too! :cool:
  6. Carpediemxx

    Carpediemxx Newbie

    Ive been playing for 14 years and i love it. I think it is one of the finest mediums for thought, meditation and prayer!
    I often loose all sense of time, i loose myself, and its almost like i would never wake up....
    I only realise ive been playing when i stop. Maybe this is bliss?Wish i could take you with me
  7. Palomino

    Palomino this little filly belongs to JESUS

    6 years total.

    EBM4CHRIST In the Lord's Presence

    I been playing for almost 3 years now and still getting better:)
  9. Jerrell

    Jerrell Minister of Christ

    I've been playing for two years, And I just started playing at church 2 months ago.
  10. Miss Susie

    Miss Susie Guest

    I've only been playing for about a month, I really like it though! =)
  11. javaqueen

    javaqueen Regular Member

    I have been playing for 7 years and playing at church for 2, love it, and yes, it is like bliss, I totally lose myself when I am playing. :)
  12. rockinxrob

    rockinxrob Junior Member

    i played from the time i was 8 to when i was 15
  13. OneOfTheMany

    OneOfTheMany Member

    United States
    I played the piano for about fifteen years before I switched over to other string instruments such as guitar and bass. Now I am foremost a guitarist, and all the years of piano improv certainly taught me a great deal about harmony.

    Piano is not only a great performance instrument, but a great learning tool for those that wish to progress to other instruments.
  14. Cascade

    Cascade ~ Faith is like radar that sees through the fog. ~

    Over 30 years. It becomes a part of you.
  15. OneOfTheMany

    OneOfTheMany Member

    United States
    It becomes part of you only if you accept it... only if you want it... only if it meshes with your personality.

    I was basically forced to start on piano, so whenever I had a chance to switch to guitar, I did so.

    So while it didn't 'become part of me', I still give it credit for being a majestic instrument that taught me a lot about harmony in music.
  16. flamingjavabean

    flamingjavabean Newbie

    played for 4 years then quit.. then been playing worship for about 7 years =)
  17. Fire for God

    Fire for God Guest

    I've been playing for about 13 years I think.

    Classical was a bore. Then I saw this guy who could just play a piece after listening to it after a couple of times. I really wanted to be like him. So I went back and keep trashing about on the piano until I've got it.

    I'm hardly as good as him, but I've got my own style. Improv is awesome. Classical is a bore :D
  18. Some Other Guy

    Some Other Guy Well-Known Member

    My grandmother was a classical pianist in her youth (and quite popular from what I understand) and was our little town's piano and violin teacher, and my mother played piano on local TV on a show called "the Country Boy Eddie Show" (it's the same show where Tammy Wynette and the Judds were discovered, and where Porter Wagoner first saw Dolly Parton) so I grew up playing both since before I can even remember. I guess that adds up to about forty years. The good thing about playing the violin is that if you can play the violin, you already have all of the essentials down for playing mandolin, too, so I learned that early, too.

    My dad also played piano, guitar, and banjo.
  19. Jerlene

    Jerlene Regular Member

    I played the piano for about 10+ years. I'm not into it anymore. I'm really liking the guitar now. :D
  20. .Iona.

    .Iona. I love Jesus!

    United Kingdom
    I have been playing piano and violin since I was tiny, almost 20yrs now. I love music, and would love to play the soprano saxophone and the harp.