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How Healing Happens

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by Sidon, Jun 29, 2021.

  1. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Here is how to understand how to be healed.

    First, you have to get your Faith right.

    Saint, everything with God, is....."is your faith right"< or is it broken.

    The NT tells you that "without faith, it is IMPOSSIBLE to Please GOD".

    See that?

    And that makes perfect sense, when you realize that God accepts you, initially, when you give Him your FAITH In Christ.... and "faith is counted as righteousness" and you are "Justified by faith, without the deeds of the law".
    So, does it not stand to reason, that FAITH then.......is how you "work out your salvation" correctly?
    Of course.

    So, if you are trying to work it out by self effort, and commandment keeping, and living in the Old Testament as your faith, then your faith is WRONG, and its broken.

    Get your FAITH right, and then the Bible becomes LIGHT< and serving God becomes...>"Christ always gives me the Victory".

    You are told to "fight the Good FIGHT OF FAITH".
    Not, Fight the self righteous fight of commandment keeping and self effort, as that is broken faith that God does not accept.


    So, how does God heal. ??????????????

    Why are you not taught this in your Church?

    You might have heard a few things about healing, and yet, this is not the same as to be taught specifically : HOW God Heals.
    You are taught that ...... YES< God does, but then you are taught nothing else, and you are left like that...... .
    This is like being told that there is a billion dollars in the Bank that is yours, and yet you are not given the account number.

    Let me give you the account number.

    So, lets take a look at where your healing is found.

    First, you have to understand something about God's Love.
    Really important.
    Let me describe it to you.
    Its like this. Saint/Reader..... If you were the only person in the world.....Only you down here by yourself, then God would still have come down here just for you, and died on the Cross just for you, only.
    See that?
    That is GOD's LOVE, for YOU. The depth of it. In fact, God loves you exactly as He loves Jesus.
    Jesus is a SON, and so are you, if you are born again.

    How does God love you? ???????
    Let me show you.
    Do you have children? Do you have a mother?
    Let say that your child falls out a tree and breaks both legs, or your mother falls down some stairs and breaks her back.
    Now , how do you feel about that?
    That is exactly how God feels about you, when you are hurting and you are broken hearted.
    THE SAME.!
    So, why would you want to help your child, or your mother? ????
    That is the same reason God wants to heal you.
    See that compassion, and that deep concern?
    That is why God wants to heal you.
    Believe it.

    Now you were taught that if you have a problem, or you are sick, you go to God and ask Him for help, and then you keeping hoping.
    And that is correct.
    That "hoping" is "expectation"... And "expectation" is FAITH that God WILL do it.
    Faith that God will, is real Faith.
    God responds to real faith.
    And here is something to know.... "God is touched by the feelings of our infirmities", but He is moved into action on our behalf by our FAITH.
    Faith is Trust. Real Faith is continuing expectation, continuing TRUST, because you KNOW God is going to do it.
    Knowing He will, is real faith.

    The verse says....."if we ask anything according to His will"....."He will answer, do it".
    Notice "according to His WILL".
    This is showing you that its GOD's own WILL To answer your prayers.
    You dont have to try to convince Him....as He wants to do it for you all the time, according to His own "WILL."

    Now, here is something else you are not taught, and i want to show you this, so that you have perfect knowledge.
    Knowledge is power, and Spiritual Knowledge is Spiritual Power.

    When you think about Christianity, you see it as.....>"you down here, and God up there".
    So, when you think about HEALING, and how this happens, you see it as...."God up there, help me down here, please".

    And that is exactly wrong.

    Let me show you...

    "God told you to come BOLDLY to the Throne of Grace to find Help in time of need"
    See that "boldly"?
    That means, "im daddy and you can always come to daddy for help".
    That is how you are to understand this phrase...."heavenly FATHER".
    Now, here is How Healing Happens.

    Paul teaches that : "the body is dead because of SIN, but the Spirit IS LIFE...= because of RIGHTEOUSNESS".
    "made righteous"
    "the GIFT of Righteousness".
    This is your born again SPIRIT.

    Now who is LIFE? ????
    That is JESUS....Jesus is Eternal Life. Jesus is "the Resurrection AND THE LIFE".
    And if you are born again, Jesus who is LIFE, =is IN YOU.
    See that?
    So, this means that your born again spirit, that is inside your "dead body", (which is why you get a new one later), is ALL ABOUT LIFE.
    Spiritual LIFE.

    When we are born again, we EXIST in The Life of Jesus who is " THE LIFE".
    This is why the New Testament describes the born again as being "IN Christ". and "Christ in you, the hope of Glory".
    Notice that you are in and He is in? That is ONE.......JOINED.... SPIRITUALLY, forever.
    And that LIFE is : ETERNAL LIFE...who is Jesus.

    So, Jesus is LIFe. And not just in you.
    If you read Colossians 1:16, and John 1:10, you'll discover that Jesus made the world, AND all of existence is held up and continued = by the POWER of Christ, that is the LIFE of Jesus.

    When you see Winter end and Spring begin, and the plants and the trees and the flowers start BURSTING FORTH WITH LIFE..... You are seeing Jesus's LIFE unfolding before your eyes as the Power that is causing all that to happen in Nature.
    And Saint, that same power of LIFE< is in YOU, and you are '" In Christ".
    See it?

    See that POWER? See that LIFE? That is your HEALING found IN you.
    Understand.........your healing is not in the Sky, "up there"..... It is inside you, as Christ in you, who IS LIFE.

    Look at this verse..

    """"""""But if the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell IN you, He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth IN you."""""

    Notice the verse says......"if the Spirit that raised up Jesus from the DEAD, dwells iN you"..
    So, that is the qualifier.....
    Its showing you WHO has this Spirit in them......= the Born again.
    This means that if you are born again then "Christ is in you" and "you are in Christ".


    "HE that raised up Christ from the DEAD, shall also quicken your moral bodies......by HIS Spirit".

    So, that is HEALING, happening to you, as your prayer being answered.

    Now look closely.

    "He that raised up Christ".......is doing the Healing. = That is God.

    And where is GOD?, and this is the KEY....which is to understand WHERE God IS,... who is "By His Spirit", healing you.


    God in IN YOU. And you are "ONE WITH GOD".. 'In Christ".
    So, THERE is where the healing comes from...
    It comes from the Spirit of God, who is IN YOU< and you are IN HIM.

    It comes from inside you, Saint, found as where you are JOINED to God, Spiritually.

    That is where your healing comes from....
    It comes from your Born Again Spirit that is ONE WITH GOD, and Christ in you, as this is the LIFE, that is the healing.
    This is CHRIST IN YOU.....Christ the HEALER.
    It does not come down from Heaven.
    It comes directly out of the SPIRITUAL UNION that you exist within by being born again by the Spirit of God, into God's Holy Spirit.

    Now, how do you get that power that is Christ THE LIFE..... in you, available to you, so that your healing manifests in your body or in your mind?

    It's by FAITH.

    How tho?

    Its by coming to understand that the REAL YOU< is not your body, and not your mind, but its the NEW CREATION, that is CREATED by GOD, as you the born again. = Spiritually.
    That is your BORN AGAIN SPIRIT.
    And IN There, is GOD's Spirit, eternally become "ONE" with you.
    See that spiritual union?

    Saint....There is the location of your healing.
    Its iN YOU, where CHRIST LIVES as "one" with your born again Spirit.
    Its His power, that is His Spirit, that you exist within, as "Born again".
    There is your healing found.
    Believe it.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2021
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