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How do you receive Holy Communion?

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by CatholicAtHeart, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Kneeling and on the tongue

  2. Standing and on the tongue

  3. Kneeling and on the hand

  4. Standing and on the hand

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  1. Defensor Christi

    Defensor Christi GO BLUE!!


    Tasted awful too...:thumbsup:
  2. Michie

    Michie Perch Perkins. Catholic reporter. ;) Supporter

    Ewww! :eek:

    I'm seriously freaked out by that type of thing.

    Makes it hard to concentrate on Jesus with that mitt coming for your mouth.
  3. mg0086

    mg0086 Prospective Doctor of the Church

    Ehhh gross. I receive on the tongue but since I'm the cantor of a small chapel I get the host from my priest. I almost bit his fingers once so the fear factor is actually on the other side ^^;;