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How do you know what voice is God's?

Discussion in 'Singles (Only*)' started by SnowyMacie, Jul 21, 2017.

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    This is a good point. God knows you're after to serve Him, Matt. You have a pretty good gauge on what is right and wrong from your biblical knowledge. And I can tell you, any accusatory remarks coming at you are not from the Lord. I would simply suggest praying over this matter to God, and next time He prompts you with His Spirit to do something just step out in faith and do it. It's like not He's going to see your heart and willingness to obey and cause you to end up in a bad situation. God isn't like that. Again, I would just pray up and be ready. Sometimes the greatest things God wants to do in our lives begins with little steps, one by one. God bless, bro!
  2. Ubuntu

    Ubuntu wayfaring stranger


    Brother, I hope you don’t mind that I make this comparison, but your dilemma reminds me a little of Nebuchadnezzar, who asked his soothsayers to tell him what he dreamed. ;) :p From a human point of view you’re asking the impossible of us, you’re asking us to help to choose between two “inner” voices in your mind. Not only is this impossible for us to “test the spirits” without knowing the exact issue you’re struggling with, but you also need to consider the possibility that none of these voices belongs to God. God certainly works in mysterious ways, but so do our minds and our consciences.

    From what you have written, it is clear that you’re concerned about something that is:

    a) a biblical issue
    b) is a moral issue
    c) also is something that science has something to say about

    You furthermore say that you’ve “intentionally studied it in depth”, and you imply that the result of your study is in line with the voice of “love, support, acceptance and scientific truth”. But for some reason there is a also a “voice” that denies the result of your study, who tells you that you’re mistaken. The way you contrast these voices makes the first sound very positive, and the other sounds highly reactionary and judgmental. This can of course be the case, but it’s also possible that you’ve subconsciously created two straw men here, and want us to help you decide the biblical issue based on what we think of these two straw men. If one of your voices is “loving” and the other invokes “fear and guilt”, then most of us would instinctively tell you to listen to the first one, right?

    But you’ve elaborated a little, and you’ve made it clear that the issue really isn’t that straight forward. Yes, you claim to have studied this issue in depth, and you describe one position as positive and the other as negative. But then you go on to make other posts where you call both positions “biblical ideals”, which suggests that your studies perhaps aren’t as conclusive as you think they are. After all, your doubt suggests that there is something fundamentally unresolved buried here. Perhaps you’ve even found parts of the bible that in your opinion conflicts with each other? Reading your posts I almost get that impression...

    One thing is certain, God certainly don’t expect you to make any moral decision based solely on subjective voices in your mind; God definitively wants you to be intellectually convinced of his truth. (That said, when the voice of conscience and the Bible agree, then it is absolutely not far-fetched to conclude that Spirit of God has been influencing us.)

    Instead of deciding which “voice” to listen to, I would therefore strongly suggest that your duty is to revisit this issue, to study it in more depth. Once we grasp the truth and the Bible illuminates our mind, our fear dissipates. (True, sometimes a Bible study reveals that we have been in the wrong, but seeing our own sin and incompleteness is necessary in order to make us feel the need of Christ as our Saviour.) In other words, look at the biblical evidence, read arguments for and against both viewpoints.

    I’m not necessarily saying that this is the case here, but sometimes we examine only one side of the coin when studying a biblical issue. Other times we are ignorant, and by this I don’t mean willfully ignorant... It’s rather that some biblical issues are quite complex, and sometimes seeing new evidence would make us change our opinion. This has happened to me on several occasions. I’ve thought that something was clear as daylight, but when I’ve been confronted with new evidence I’ve had to revise my position.

    So, to sum this up, there is only one way to resolve this issue... If you have doubts, then you must study the Scripture and information that might shed light on the relevant passages. When your conscience and the Bible are in harmony, then you can rest.
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  3. SnowyMacie

    SnowyMacie Well-Known Member

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    I've pretty much exhausted every research point I can over the issue, having been studying it for roughly ten years now, and know the arguments about every side of it. The voice that instill doubt is tell me that everything that I have learned is wrong or totally irrelevant because the scripture's plain English, out of historical and scriptural context is the correct one, or more accurately "what if that one is really right". For a long time, my conscious and scripture were in agreement, and whenever I get to the point where I'm deciding what to do about it, these questioning and doubtful thoughts about "What if I'm wrong" seep into my mind.
  4. redblue22

    redblue22 You Are Special.

    United States

    No more info is needed. I choose to love and listen to you. You are accepted and highly valued. Trust God Jesus. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. Ubuntu

    Ubuntu wayfaring stranger

    Well, it would be very easy for me to recommend you to disregard the inner voice that tells you that you are wrong about this matter, since you say that you have studied this issue in depth. The scriptural and historic context of a text is undoubtedly essential in order to do a correct exegesis. (I would add linguistic knowledge as another very important point.) I don’t doubt your sincerity, and I also very much respect that this issue is something that you feel uncomfortable discussing in a public setting.

    But you know, I really don’t think anyone here on this forum can (or should) be trusted with a thumbs up or a thumbs down about something we don’t the details of. If we did this we would be as the “blind leading the blind”. If I told you today that you definitively should listen to the “voice of love and science”, I might tomorrow say the exact opposite if I learned the details of your dilemma.
  6. Sketcher

    Sketcher Born Imperishable

    This is a false choice. The absolute truth in Scripture commands love at least as much as it points out and condemns sin. Remember John 8:10-11 where we have both:

    Jesus stood up and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more.”​

    He clearly acted in love without justifying sin.