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How do you feel about: "The binding of Isaac" ?

Discussion in 'Gamers Zone' started by PinkDragon, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. PinkDragon

    PinkDragon Dream crusher

    In Relationship
    Since the new DLC just came out not even a week ago and the game is already one of the games of the year I'm wondering what all of you think of this game.
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  2. Calvinist Dark Lord

    Calvinist Dark Lord Regular Member

    i think that it's a good thing that i checked what forum this was in before i tried to comment on the OP at face value.
  3. PinkDragon

    PinkDragon Dream crusher

    In Relationship
    Cool. But you didn't really say your opinion of The game.
  4. scottyp588

    scottyp588 Resident of the Cosmos

    In Relationship
    I think that it is a super fun game! I've only played about 40 hours total but I enjoy figuring out what all the items do and finding secret rooms. Its a good change/time killer from playing the bigger games like ESO, Destiny and For Honor.
  5. The-Doctor

    The-Doctor Man with a scarf

    Not played with doc but enjoying it so far, can be a challenge but is also enjoyable