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How can YOU Support ISRAEL?

Discussion in 'Israel Prophecy & Current Events' started by endtimesnear, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. endtimesnear

    endtimesnear New Member

    I send a donations to Isah. 58.
    I like to do this because i am helping older people to get their medicine they need. Sometimes they use it for food or whatever they need.
    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. scoutswife

    scoutswife Well-Known Member

    The only thing I have done so far is pray for the Lords chosen ones. I am learning of things I can do from this site.
  3. Sephania

    Sephania Well-Known Member

    I thought we should update this and make it open for our friends who love Israel and don't know how to go about Supporting her.

    Here is a list of things you can do or places you can shop at or people you can pray for.

    Please feel free to add a site, however they will be reviewed and may or may not be accepted.

    Foods from Israel to help support the economy

    Holon Middle Eastern Foods

    American Friends of Magen David ( like our Red Cross)

    Volunteer your time to serve in Israel Sar El

    Relief Centers in Israel

    Cool Moving Map of Israel, pick a place a day in Israel to pray for!

    Beautiful Pics of Israel by Vendal Jones ( the real Indiana Jones) son.

    Make Israel bloom- Plant a tree - Bring life and beauty

    9 Top ways to show solidarity with Israelis troops IDF

    Messianics helping in the land - Joseph project

    Here are a few to get us started, lets see what you can come up with
  4. shoshanarose

    shoshanarose Regular Member

    Shalu Shalom Yerushalyim...Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem...:prayer:

    that is one way the I consistently SUPPORT Eretz Israel! We are commanded to pray...as lovers of Yeshua/Jesus, how could we NOT support Israel...:confused:

    Israel is the apple of God's eye...:amen: you know what that means...well, for example, the next time you are standing very close to someone look into their eyes...if you see yourself...
    you are the "apple of his eye"...God has chosen Israel to become and remain the "apple of His eye"... because "He who KEEPS Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps". :amen:
    Shalom in Yeshua;
  5. Espada

    Espada Iēsous Christos Theou Huios Sōtēr

    We try to buy Israeli goods over those from other nations. Whilst we prefer to buy local produce for environmental reasons there tends not to be much conflict there between the two. We are hoping to travel to Israel this year as tourists which will be a little benefit to the tourism industry.

    Of course my favourite tipple, Sabra, is from Israel so by having a drink I benefit Israel - but never to excess as that would dishonour God.
  6. Henaynei

    Henaynei Sh'ma Yisrael, Adonai Echud! Al pi Adonai...

    United States
    On March 5th 2003 Asaf, a young high school boy was on his way back from school.

    A suicide murderer that exploded on Asaf's bus killed him and sixteen other innocent men, women and children. This year Asaf would have been 21, and as customary with young people in Israel, would probably be preparing for his trip around the world.

    To remember Asaf, his father Yossi, is calling out for people from all over the world to mail him a stone from their area, so it could be placed on Asaf's grave. Asaf may not be able to travel the world anymore, but his father is trying to bring the world to him for his 21st birthday this April 27th.

    If you'd like to participate in this campaign, please send a stone to - Yossi Zur, POB 7895 Haifa 31078 Israel, or email Yossi directly at this address.
  7. Ivy

    Ivy Pray for President Barack Obama


    This is a humanitarian aid organization that sends containers of needed goods around the world.....the next three shipments are going to Israel to help people whose lives were disrupted by the war with Hezbollah.

    They always need money to help with the shipments costs, which are about $3,000 per container.

    This organization has favor with the Israeli government even though they are known as Messianic.
  8. LadyGarnetRose

    LadyGarnetRose Frum Reconstructionist (pm me for details)

    Every year I plant now 5 trees.

    Also my two favorite wines, one is a Reisling, Golan Emerald, the other Sauvignon Blanc, Gamla are both Israeli wines.

    Osem is a good solid brand that I like and can trust as well as Elite.
  9. LordzDancer

    LordzDancer Member

    In Relationship
    VisionForIsrael dot com is a good site

    These people came to visit my church and do so many wonderful things back in Israel where they live. Not to mention their music is beaaauuuuuuuuuuutiful as well:)
  10. GeratTzedek

    GeratTzedek Meaning Righteous Proselyte to Judaism

    This might seem like a stupid post, but honestly, the arab population in Israel is growing, and the Jewish population declining.

    Something that can be done for Israel? If you are Jewish, consider making Aliyah, getting married, and having lots of Jewish babies.
  11. GeratTzedek

    GeratTzedek Meaning Righteous Proselyte to Judaism

    The Efrat Organization has saved the lives of over 18,000 Jewish children over the past 29 years by providing support to pregnant women in distress in Israel, preventing abortions in meaningful ways.

  12. ContentInHim

    ContentInHim Guest

    I love buying my Ahava stuff directly from Israel. I shop for Israeli stuff on eBay. AND don't laugh, but my Dollar Tree store has wonderful plastic baskets, bowls, laundry baskets, dust pans, etc. from Israel. For $1! :D
  13. TheRabbi

    TheRabbi Senior Member

    Ger Tzedek,
    I'm happy to see your plug for the Efrat organization. They do such amazing work. There is a couple who's infant son was murdered by an Arab on the #2 bus in Jerusalem. They established a fund in his name to finance the birth and care of 1000 children that were to be aborted in Israel. Imagine if a fund like this was set up in memory of each and every terror victim. For every Jew they kill, we could save 1000!
  14. ChazakEmunah

    ChazakEmunah Emunah Sh'liach

    LOL! I love the suggestion!
  15. Skeeterbug

    Skeeterbug Guest

    I pray constanly for Jerusalem. plus when I need some Judaica we order if from Isreal. whenever we call they are so so grateful for the business.
  16. Tiger1984

    Tiger1984 Newbie

    Prayer is a great way to show support. Going back to the Old Testament God promised Abraham "..Those that bless you I will bless, those that curse you I will curse." By praying for blessing for Israel we in turn receive blessings ourselves.
  17. Skeeterbug

    Skeeterbug Guest

    My dream is to do Aliyah. but for the time being we pray for the peace of Jerusalem. then whenever we purchase judaica we order it from Isreal
  18. Henaynei

    Henaynei Sh'ma Yisrael, Adonai Echud! Al pi Adonai...

    United States
    Pray for the Messianics in Israel - some in the Haredi and some other ultra orthodox groups have become intensly violent toward Messianics to the extent that there have been situations where Messianics have feared for their very lives - I know of some who have had to leave Israel for a time for safety...
  19. GodsgirlViera

    GodsgirlViera New Member

    Calvary Chapel
    Today I had the most AWESOME bible study!! We are studying Revelations with Kay Arthur....highly recommend. We were looking at Ezekeil 36 and 37. Isn't God wonderful? Seeing God's committment to Israel is so terrific!! What a holy God we serve!! I am so excited with what God will do with Israel. God has convicted me to bless Israel. As His word says, whoever blesses Israel He will bless and whoever curses Israel, God will curse...woe, heavy responsibility to blessing His land and His people....

    Please give me some practical ideas....

    Bless and be blesed
  20. anisavta

    anisavta Never Forget!

    How do we support Israel?

    Write your legislators and encourage them to support Israel.
    Write your local media sources and let them know you are tired of their biased reporting.
    Speak up in your social circles when Israel is portrayed as the enemy.