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How can an agnositic believe that Paul wrote Galatians and still be agnostic?

Discussion in 'Christian History' started by okiemom79, May 25, 2012.

  1. Root of Jesse

    Root of Jesse Admiral of the Fleet/First Sea Lord Supporter CF Ambassadors

  2. jlmagee

    jlmagee Junior Member

    I respect Ehrman as a scholar, but I feel he ignores evidence that contradicts his position on many topics. I give Daniel B. Wallace from the Center for the Study of New Manuscripts much more credibility on the subject. There is a synopsis of a debate between the two here:

    Review of Debate between Daniel B. Wallace and Bart D. Ehrman - CSNTM

    Ehrman's fame and position at UNC Chapel Hill at least help to cement his agnostic position. (In his circles, it just sounds so much more intellectual.) In reality, Ehrman does not back off on positions that side him with Christianity though. Interviews such as that you mention in your OP and specials debunking the DaVinci Code demonstrated that Ehrman does not just jump on any bandwagon. So, I would have to say that "agnostic" is his truly felt position.
  3. lesliedellow

    lesliedellow Member

    They can believe that Jesus was a real person - all atheists with their head screwed on do - and they can believe that Paul wrote Galatians.

    That does not necessarily mean that they share Paul's beliefs, or that they believe Jesus to be divine.
  4. Yeah, it's a heart issue. Knowing something is one thing, wanting to know is another.

    Following Jesus means acknowledging Him as Lord of your life. It means you have to leave your old lifestyle behind. A lot of people don't want to do that.

    Also, atheists really believe in God. The fact that they talk about it so much, shows that it's a topic that really bothers them. What happens with those people often times, is they had some sort of an emotional trauma in life, and they're angry at God for it.

    You can't really prove Christianity scientifically or historically, no matter how many facts you throw at them, until people want to accept what Christianity stands for.