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House Church - streaming meetings from a private house - advice please

Discussion in 'Worship Ministry' started by The Pedant, Jan 2, 2021.

  1. The Pedant

    The Pedant MikeFloutier

    United Kingdom

    We’re a smallish house church and currently, under Tier 3, we are limited to meeting online.

    Up until now (in Tier 1) we had been meeting in groups of 6 (max) in each other’s homes combined with linking each group for chatting on Zoom and for the musical worship time over Facebook Live.

    We had got this down fairly well using a group of 6 to cover all the bases, ie. Acoustic guitar, keyboard, vocals, a techy wizard, a preacher/teacher and a service leader/prophet.

    This was all well and good until the new Tiers were introduced.

    Clearly we are encouraged by gov.uk to stream our meetings and I clearly recall reading, earlier in the year, details of the guidance for this.

    However, I can no longer find anything authorising and defining/guiding this and we’re especially concerned to check on this because we are limited to meeting/streaming from private houses.

    If anyone has any thoughts/links or experiences in this area, I’d be most appreciative.
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  2. garee

    garee Newbie

    I wonder where that idea came from. . limited to meeting/streaming from private houses?

    I think Zoom, a new innovation can be a aid like all technology it can be useful in getting the gospel out to the world to help encourage and discipline the new creature (Christian) .But then again the spirit of error is quick to snatch the seed and make the power to believe to no effect.

    In that way nothing to include the internet is evil of itself or a blessing of itself. The Holy Spirit ultimately must do its part of giving new spirit life or understanding.

    It is being used in many new applications to include child bearing. The results are said to make the burden lighter for the mother. A form of prayers, a spiritual matter.

    In the end of the matter the sufferings of pains of childbirth cannot be shared with others .The work of two walking together as one. The witness of God that brings, the peace of God working in us to both will reveal and empower us that are dead in our trespasses and sin in this life.
  3. 1watchman

    1watchman Overseer Supporter

    Yes, there are limitations on Christians everywhere in the face of this Covid Virus, but we can continue in our own homes in small groups many places in USA, if we are careful to wear masks and keep reasonable distance. Some saints I know, beside streaming on Internet with some Bible-only assemblies, find the site at Biblecounsel.net on the Internet to be a sound source of ministry about Church Truth and fellowship, for those who value Bible study and keeping "unity of the faith", which I also value. One can even ask questions there. The Lord may allow us to return to assembly gatherings, but maybe the end is drawing near.

    I much feel this Virus and all the upheaval, discord, wickedness, and threats of war, etc. are all indicating the Church will soon be translated up (called 'rapture') to Heaven soon, and then the greater scourge of the "great Tribulation" period will begin with the reign of the "beast" as our Bible shows on this Christ-rejecting world. I think this Virus is allowed of God to awaken souls to the need of His Gospel, as in John 3; John 14; Romans 8; etc. before it is too late.