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Horsies on the med-go-round

Discussion in 'Bipolar Disorder' started by Shalia, Oct 2, 2004.

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  1. Shalia

    Shalia Veteran

    Saw we have a few medications threads about here. Thought we could have one about what we are on, and what we have been on, and what our fabulous results <or not so fabu> have been. What'cha thinK?

    I guess I could introduce myself, huh? I'm Shalia, I'm 24 <see pretty age above, huh?> I was diagnosed BP two years ago, and I've ridden darn near every horsie on the med go round. I'm BP1 with ultraradian cycling. It sucks rocks. I tend to manic. That is usually more fun than depression, though, so I'm not going to complain about that.

    Currently taking:

    Trileptal - 600mg AM 900mg PM for mania control - I love Trileptal, it helps me SLEEP and it shuts my brain up. Thank you LORD!!

    Topamax - 100mg PM to stop ultraradian cycling. Should be on a higher dose to stop cycling all together, but any higher dose and I forget my name. <sigh> This drug makes you so darn stupid.

    Lamictal - 100mg BID - anti-depressant. For a while, we didn't think it was doing anything, so we tried to wean me off of it. Wrong. Hospital stay w/in three days of going off only 25 mg. I guess it works for me.

    WellbutrinSR - 100mg AM cause Lamictal alone doesn't cut it, but upping Lamictal makes me manic. It's pathetic, I swear. But hey, what can a girl do? I won't be depressed, and if an increase makes me manic, I had to do SOMETHING!!!

    Restoril - 60mg - what's making me so I can't type coherently right now. Sleeping pill in the benzo family that should have knocked me out two hours ago but since I found this forum I can't sleep now, I want to type! Darn it all...

    Ativan - 1-2mg as needed for anxiety.

    I'm on too many drugs. I also have Zyprexa 5 mg and Risperdal 2mg on hand should I start getting manic again I can take as needed. But I refuse to take anything regularly that's going to make me the size of a small building.

    I've tried Abilify, but it was anxiety in a bottle for me. I was c*tting regulary, and beating myself up regularly, and had social phobia I could barely leave my home. It was aweful. Took Geodon, but still managed to go psychotic on Geodon, so it obviously wasn't doing it's job. Lithium made my joints swell up so badly I couldn't walk. Risperdal, when not taken with Topamax <which lowers blood pressure and heartrate> makes my resting heartrate in the low 120's. Zonegran worked OK for me at a low dose, but at a slightly higher dose made my ultraradian cycling about 1000X worse.

    So, how has everyone else's ride been? Like I said, I feel like I've been on nearly every horsie but depakote. And that's been pretty much a flat out refusal on my part.

    Let's see your merry-go-round? I'm curious!! I always like to see how doctors screw their patients.

  2. Mr.Cheese

    Mr.Cheese Legend

    I'm on Paxil and Nortriptyline, and I have some Tranxene for when I really need to chill.
    I've not taken the tranxene yet because, unlike the other meds, I would be taking it as a crutch. My real issue is that I need therapy. I was having huge anxiety issues at work and that's why I got it. But now i'm on a leave of absence and am getting therapy for PTSD.
  3. Shalia

    Shalia Veteran

    Oooh... careful on the tranxene. It has a history <documented and in the PI sheet> of increasing suicidal ideation. I'd definately keep that as a last resort. Is there any reason your doctor would give you that benzo out of all the benzos as an option? There are several others I'd think a much better option. <Unless there's a comorbid condition I'm unaware of, like epilepsy.>

    But be careful. DO NOT TAKE when seriously depressed.

    Directly from the Tranxene PI sheet:
    I'll get you the link to the PI sheet if you are interested. But seeing as you're on two AD's... **shudder** Well, if it were me, I'd be asking why that particular benzo out of all of them. Like I said, unless you're dealing with something else like epilepsy where you have to be really careful about which drugs you are taking, and tranxene can help stop a seizure pretty quickly. ​
    Shalia - who thinks mental health meds are FASCINATING.​
  4. guitar_gurl07

    guitar_gurl07 Jr. Conductor for GHS <img src="http://www3.christ

    well..hmm...lets see...

    i am on Lexapro 20 mg. which i have maxed out...so i am also on
    Wellbutrin SR 100 mg. twice a day...they are both for my depression and mild bi polar.
    the lexapro i have been on since my last hospital stay in january, and i havent had anyproblems with it...but the Wellbutrin i have been on for about a month and i makes me not be able 2 feel emotions..like i cant cry, i cant feel bad for someone, i cant b happy...it sucks! but if i tell my psycologist this, he will send my whole family bac 2 the US bc im not even really supposed 2 b here! (he really means that he doesnt want 2 b responsible for me and cant help me! just like everyone else...he just doesnt say it!) its crazy! so ya...
    and then, my 1st hosp stay they put me on Zoloft..which did NOTHING but make me MORE suicidal and i would cut myself more and stuff..which resulted in another hosp stay about 2 months later...*rolls eyes*
    all this..and im only 15! what a ride of my life! and ya..now im starting 2 become suicidal again and im scared 2 say anything in fear of being sent bac 2 the US...ya..my lifes pretty messed up rite about now! :cry: :sigh: :help:
    ill stop complaining now...
    o ya and i forgot im on Ambien so that i can sleep! if i dont take it 1day...i wont sleep all nite! and ull know it the next day thast 4 sure! lol (and actually im not suposed 2 do this..but i carry around half of the pill at school so incase if i start 2 have a panic attack..since my friends know about my problems and stuff and they r in most of my classes..my teachers let me and my friend go 2 the bathroom and she gets me 2 take it so that i can calm down...im so bad..i hope my parents dont find out...:/

  5. Laurel Crowned

    Laurel Crowned Veteran

    Hi. I was diagnosed with BP seven years ago. They started me out on Lithium and depakote. I had the usual list of side-effects. Hand tremors, dizziness/nauseau, and weight gain. I can't remember why I was taken off the depakote but I had to go on a thyroid medication (Levothryoid) because the lithium caused my thyroid to malfunction. I also had to go on a female hormone to combat other side-effects from the lithium.

    I went on Zoloft for a while until it was no longer formulary at my medical centre. I was put on Paxil. That helped for a time... and the Lithium has completely stopped my mania... but the bouts of depression/suicidal episodes continues. I'm on Lamictal now. It seems to be helping to a certain extent but I'm still not up to a dosage that would be considered theraputic.
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