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Homosexuality - Differences of Male and Female Sexuality

Discussion in 'Recovery Library' started by salt-n-light, Oct 9, 2017.

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  1. salt-n-light

    salt-n-light Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    I was listening to this sermon from John Piper about manhood and womanhood. And one piece of that sermon I felt gave me a ah ha moment about my own struggles with sexual sins. Alot of the secular tabloids have some truths, and gives scenarios of how their theories are present in real life (e.g. power struggles that happens in homosexual relationships, top or bottom, who wears the pants, etc.).But always came short for me in terms of understanding the root and core of me.Probably because God was never present in those type of articles. But Piper hit the nail on the head. Here's the excerpt:

    "When speaking of homosexuality, we must acknowledge that the pattern of male and female homosexuality is often different. We must understand that female homosexuality is often directly traceable to the misbehavior of men. Males have often acted toward women with such violence, anger, and rejection that they can no longer trust men to meet their needs for intimacy.

    Is a woman who resorts to lesbianism for such reasons responsible for her sin? Of course she is, but we must understand that all of us are inclined to lie to ourselves as we rationalize our misbehavior. This is true not only for homosexuals but for all human beings. As a matter of fact, sin is so deceptive that we no longer even understand why we desire what we desire. The Scripture clearly identifies lesbianism as sin, but we must understand that this pattern of sin often follows an experience of sin at the hands of others. This does not excuse the sinner, but it helps us to understand why this sin can become such a deeply rooted part of an individual’s self-understanding.

    Male homosexuality is usually a very different reality. The male sex drive — more essentially physical and genital — can be corrupted in so many different ways. There is no man who will be able to stand before God on the Day of Judgment and say, “I was only interested and aroused by righteous and holy desire.” Each of us is a sexual sinner, and the male pattern of sexual sin includes corrupted desire, confusing arousal, and perverse thoughts.

    No man, not even the most committed heterosexual husband, will be able to say on the Day of Judgment, “My sexual affections, my sexual arousal, was always, from the very beginning, only directly toward that which was holy — the covenant of marriage and the wife that I was given.” Every man struggles with a corrupted affection, and that corrupted affection, given the reality of the male sex drive, is often directed toward a desire for fulfillment entirely at odds with the glory of God. Every man bears a different sexual struggle, but every man is engaged in a sexual struggle, and this should give us an attitude of sympathy as we address homosexuals with the truth."

    He say often times, since of course everyone's path when it comes to sin is not something generic, but its prevalent enough to say that yeah, as a woman,my history with being betrayed and hostility by men close to me, as well as the increase of dependency on my female friends, put porn in the mix and yup, pretty much how I got here. As much as I want to love men, I feel scarred in terms of intimacy, fear of being hurt to the point of being felt feeling verbally abused, and seeing an "untapped" opportunity to find that intimacy easily with women.

    All I can say is thanks be to God. And to pray for me.

    Let me know your thoughts about it. And here's the link to the sermon in case you wanna hear more about it:Homosexual “Marriage”: A Tragic Oxymoron — Biblical and Cultural Reflections | Desiring God
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