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holy spirit

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by sweetangel37, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. sweetangel37

    sweetangel37 New Member

    how do you know if you have the holy spirit in you
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  2. GraftMeIn

    GraftMeIn The Masters Gardener

    God promises to send it to us.

    Luke 11:9-13
    And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent? Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?
  3. Swurple

    Swurple God's Accoustic

    I think the Bible says that when we accept Christ, the holy spirit immediately resides in us.....and theres also this part in one of the 4 first NT gospels about Him residing in us, and because of that we dont get possesed cos there is already a Spirit in us. Yknow, how they say the house is occupied. I can look it up if it means something to you? :) No bother at all.
  4. Bruno

    Bruno happy puppy

    How strongly do you believe that Jesus Christ is your savior? Would you give up everything for Him including your life if it came down to it? If your answer is a definite yes, you have the Holy Spirit.

    If you don't think you have the Holy Spirit and want it, follow GraftMeIn's instruction. Don't be afraid to ask! Jesus loves you!!!
  5. reeann

    reeann Trust and Obey

    Amen to what has been said.  The Holy Spirit witnesses to us of God's presence.  Its the same thing we try to tell to an unbeliever, how do you KNOW its God, we just KNOW, because the Spirit indwelling within us witnesses to the fact.

    Another 'proof' is in the changed lives of people and the fruits and gifts of the Spirit given to people.

    I know my heart has been changed.  while i need refining, my heart has been made new and I want to love like Jesus has shown us.

    Trust that in you and always seek Jesus. :bow:
  6. repentandbelieve

    repentandbelieve Senior Veteran

    When Gods Word becomes alive to you and begins to make more sense, you know that the Holy Sprit is working in your life.

    Jesus promised his disciples. " the Comforter which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. When He, the Sprit of truth is come, He will guide you into all truth........ and He will show you things to come. (John 14:26; 16:13)

    Also, you know that the Spirit of God has come upon you when a change in the heart has taken place. "Old things pass away and all things become new".

    Also we experierince the Holy Sprit continuing to do it's work within us when He convicts us of the sin that is in our lives.
  7. altya

    altya Servant of God

    Acts 2:38. Then Peter said unto them; Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

    You will know

    Romans 8:16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:

    And to be sure - by the fruits of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit will gentle show you hidden sins in your life without condemnation. You can also recognize the working of the Holy
    Spirit by ‘the soft voice’ never pushing you to do something but rather persuade you gently, never lead you to do non-scriptural stuff but rather seek you to come closer to God and His will. The results of the proof of the Holy Spirit inside a person are always divine, awesome and good.
  8. Blessed-one

    Blessed-one a long journey ahead

  9. repentandbelieve

    repentandbelieve Senior Veteran

    When the Holy Spirit dwells within a person they are enabled to do things that they could not otherwise do. Power to resist temptations that we were once unable to resist is an example.
  10. cherylq

    cherylq Member

    Praise the Lord.

    Another Helper (John 14:18) Jesus followers show their love for Christ by obeying His Commandments. Jesus has set the pattern of love and obedience, and His disciples are expected to follow His exampl. Jesus reassured His followers however, that they would not have to obey in their own power. He would send a helper the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives in Jesus followers, helping them to remember His commands and to obey them. We dodnot have to go it alone. the Holy Spirit in our hearts helps us to know what is right and then to do it.

    When we believe the good news about Jesus. From that point on, the Holy Spirit remains a constatnt Helper, Comforter,and Companion of believers. He may not choose to make Himself know in such obvious ways, but those who live their lives in dependence on God's Spirit will discover that what they need in the way of power and guidance to accomplish God's will shall be provided  by His Spirit, God lives in those who trust Jesus.

    Cherylq :clap: :bow:
  11. lil_god_lova

    lil_god_lova <b><font color="#0900ff">God chaser!!</font></b>

    yeah it's waht all the others said eh? we have an indwelling of the holy spirit in us if we are christians. (or so i believe i read in teh bible...)
  12. Bruno

    Bruno happy puppy


  13. Fresh_ers

    Fresh_ers New Member

  14. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    If you don't know you do, then you do not!