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Hillary Clinton Attorney Indictment -- Russia Russia Russia hoax

Discussion in 'News & Current Events (Articles Required)' started by Valletta, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. Arcangl86

    Arcangl86 Newbie

    That's actually not true. Mueller found a lot of contacts between the Russians and the Trump Campaign, many of which could rightfully be called collusion. What he did not find was enough evidence to establish that the collusion, which itself is not illegal, rose to the level of conspiracy, which is an actual crime.
  2. rjs330

    rjs330 Well-Known Member

    Mueller found nothing to say Trump it his team collaborated with the Russians. Nothing. I know somewhere in the liberal Dreamland they want to say different, but they can't. Rightfully called collusion. That's a joke.
  3. TLK Valentine

    TLK Valentine You will be who you will be. We are our choices.

    Right -- his campaign collaborated, and then went to prison for lying about it, but there's no record that Donald -- then or ever -- know what was going on.
  4. Belk

    Belk Senior Member Supporter

    That gives new meaning to "A whole lot of 'nothing'"

    Guide to the Mueller Report’s Findings on “Collusion”

    The redacted Mueller Report documents a series of activities that show strong evidence of collusion. Or, more precisely, it provides significant evidence that Trump Campaign associates coordinated with, cooperated with, encouraged, or gave support to the Russia/WikiLeaks election interference activities. The Report documents the following actions (each of which is analyzed in detail in Part II):

    1. Trump was receptive to a Campaign national security adviser’s (George Papadopoulos) pursuit of a back channel to Putin.

    2. Kremlin operatives provided the Campaign a preview of the Russian plan to distribute stolen emails.

    3. The Trump Campaign chairman and deputy chairman (Paul Manafort and Rick Gates) knowingly shared internal polling data and information on battleground states with a Russian spy; and the Campaign chairman worked with the Russian spy on a pro-Russia “peace” plan for Ukraine.

    4. The Trump Campaign chairman periodically shared internal polling data with the Russian spy with the expectation it would be shared with Putin-linked oligarch, Oleg Deripaska.

    5. Trump Campaign chairman Manafort expected Trump’s winning the presidency would mean Deripaska would want to use Manafort to advance Deripaska’s interests in the United States and elsewhere.

    6. Trump Tower meeting: (1) On receiving an email offering derogatory information on Clinton coming from a Russian government official, Donald Trump Jr. “appears to have accepted that offer;” (2) members of the Campaign discussed the Trump Tower meeting beforehand; (3) Donald Trump Jr. told the Russians during the meeting that Trump could revisit the issue of the Magnitsky Act if elected.

    7. A Trump Campaign official told the Special Counsel he “felt obliged to object” to a GOP Platform change on Ukraine because it contradicted Trump’s wishes; however, the investigation did not establish that Gordon was directed by Trump.

    8. Russian military hackers may have followed Trump’s July 27, 2016 public statement “Russia if you’re listening …” within hours by targeting Clinton’s personal office for the first time.

    9. Trump requested campaign affiliates to get Clinton’s emails, which resulted in an individual apparently acting in coordination with the Campaign claiming to have successfully contacted Russian hackers.

    10. The Trump Campaign—and Trump personally—appeared to have advanced knowledge of future WikiLeaks releases.

    11. The Trump Campaign coordinated campaign-related public communications based on future WikiLeaks releases.

    12. Michael Cohen, on behalf of the Trump Organization, brokered a secret deal for a Trump Tower Moscow project directly involving Putin’s inner circle, at least until June 2016.

    13. During the presidential transition, Jared Kushner and Eric Prince engaged in secret back channel communications with Russian agents. (1) Kushner suggested to the Russian Ambassador that they use a secure communication line from within the Russian Embassy to speak with Russian Generals; and (2) Prince and Kushner’s friend Rick Gerson conducted secret back channel meetings with a Putin agent to develop a plan for U.S.-Russian relations.

    14. During the presidential transition, in coordination with other members of the Transition Team, Michael Flynn spoke with the Russian Ambassador to prevent a tit for tat Russian response to the Obama administration’s imposition of sanctions for election interference; the Russians agreed not to retaliate saying they wanted a good relationship with the incoming administration.
  5. rjs330

    rjs330 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... None of that shows any cooperation in order to interfere in the election. I know you want it to, but none of it does.


    Cohen assertions are not evidence of WikiLeaks “collusion” with Trump or Russia
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2021
  6. Belk

    Belk Senior Member Supporter


    CRAZY_CAT_WOMAN CT Scans shows my dad's cancer is gone.

    United States
    Trump telling Russia to hack Hillary Clintons email. That tells people he knows what was going on. And his actions through his presidency. His insurrection, lies about voter fraud . Nobody can be that blind. Unless they're choosing to be.
  8. TLK Valentine

    TLK Valentine You will be who you will be. We are our choices.

    Donald told "Second Amendment People" to do something about Clinton... he told his supporters to assault hecklers and he'd pay their legal fees.

    He has such a history of brain-mouth disconnect that any competent attorney (if he ever decided to hire one) would get him off with the "he was only joking" defense.