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I really don't know where to begin with this. I just saw the thread about GEL losing her beloved Cheyenne, so I want to start off by saying my prayers are with her and her family. I pray the Holy Spirit would just move mightily in them and give comfort and peace.

I was a moderator about 2 months ago in a couple of other forums and was enjoying my time here talking with everyone. Well at one point things were becoming very hostile in some parts of this site I frequented and it seemed that if you sneezed too loud, someone was offended and you got banned for it. I also felt like some got preferential treatment as well. Thinking back I know that was not exactly a Godly perspective and I'm sorry for it please forgive me.

And all the time I spent here started friction between me and my now-wife, Tracy. With the volatile climate of 2 months ago and needing to reorganize my life, I left a message on a staff forum saying I needed time off. Well I never responded to some emails I got from Erwin, and understandably I was let go as a mod. I have emailed him about this and heard nothing yet. I hope those who were fellow mods would forgive me for falling off the radar screen without any word saying I was ok. I hope all is well with everyone and please pray for GEL she needs it. Take care guys I may come back here and there.

In Christ,


PS- been married 4 weeks now and love it! :clap:
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KC Catholic

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Feb 5, 2002
Overland Park, KS
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Hey bud! We've missed you here.

Glad to here that you are finally married and all is going well for you.

Hope to see more of you around here ~ and if you are interested in Moderating still I'll post something in the conference room. PM me and let me know.

Peace my brother.
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Feb 1, 2002
New York
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/me yells JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad to see you back! And great news about your recent wedding! I am so happy for you and Tracy. :)

I'll back up KC too. You were a great mod but I know there are times when people have to just step away from it all to refocus. :)

Thanks for posting that you're back...I didn't want to have to start a thread an embarass you or something! LOL

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