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Here is where "morality" can come from...?

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by Neogaia777, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Neogaia777

    Neogaia777 Apprentice Supporter

    It's written as a prayer to the Lord, but these list of virtues, that our leaders and we should have, can apply to any person of any religion, or no religion at all:

    Lord, grant us, give to us, let us be showing toward you, Faith, Hope, Love, Trust, Truth, Honesty, Patience, Peace, Serenity, Joy, Happiness, Goodness, Thankfulness, Gratefulness, Virtue, Integrity, Strength, Courage, Endurance, Wisdom, Self-control, Selflessness, Satisfaction, Fulfillment, Contentment, Wholeness, Completeness, Bliss, Grace, Mercy, Gentleness, Empathy, Forgiveness, Understanding, Absolution, Acceptance...

    Lord, show toward us, (and let us be showing toward you and others), Long-suffering Kindness, Purity, Meekness, Mildness, Humbleness, Lowliness, Gentleness, Tenderness, Generosity, and showing Humility and dependent and trusting upon you, in Love.

    Lord, show toward us, Salvation, Redemption, Forgiveness, Reconciliation with You, Righteousness, Justice, Discernment, Guidance, Direction, Purpose...

    Lord help us be Zealous for you, and your will, and the good news, and the good of others, Certainty and Confidence, in our Convictions and Beliefs about you... Positivity and a Positive Spirit, and Sureness in you... Genuine Concern for others, Optimism in the things to come, Genuine Affection for/toward you, ourselves, and others, Genuine Devotion, and Tenderness of Heart...

    Unity in Us, in line with your will, Help us to have Accurate and Authentic and Correct and Legitimate, and be Genuine in ourselves and in the things about you, Let us face fate with fortitude practicing forebearance and tolerance and be submissive and always yielding to your will and help us be persistent with others in our beliefs about you.

    In Jesus name, Amen:amen:
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  2. outsidethecamp

    outsidethecamp Heb 13:10-15

    Christianity is not a moral system.

    "Morality is part of the condition of the fall. Now endowed with the power to define good and evil, to elaborate it, to know it and to pretend to obey it, man can no longer renounce this power which he has purchased so dearly. He must exercise it. He (fallen man) cannot live without morality." (Jacques Ellul - To Will and To Do. Pilgrim Press. 1969. pg. 71)

    "Christianity has nothing commensurate with any morality. It is the essence itself of revelation that rules out all ethical systematizing and all similarity with a morality. The Christian life is not a life conformed to a morality, but one conformed to a word revealed, present, and living." (Jacques Ellul - To Will and To Do. Pilgrim Press. 1969. pg. 86)