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Heralds of the Second Coming

Discussion in 'The Catholic Bookshelf' started by rachmaninov, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. rachmaninov

    rachmaninov Newbie

    Hello everyone,
    I would like to announce, if I may, the publication of my book Heralds of the Second Coming: Our Lady, the Divine Mercy, and the Popes of the Marian Era from Blessed Pius IX to Benedict XVI. The book, has an Imprimatur from my Bishop, Philip Egan of Portsmouth, England, and has a Foreword by Cardinal Ivan Dias, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and cardinal member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He was the Pope's legate for the opening of the 150th Anniversary of the Lourdes apparitions in 2007. Some of you may remember the stunning homily he gave on that occasion, and the foreword is a development of those themes.It is also endorsed by Ralph Martin among others.
    The book is not primarily about apparitions, rather it is meant to complement the messages of the past 150 years and show that there is a parallel prophetic charism in the writings of these great popes. The book, I hope, will be very interesting to all Catholics because it details for the first time, the startling prophetic teachings of the Popes of the past 150 years showing that they have warned of the approaching return of the Lord in glory through the discernment of the eschatological signs given by Jesus in the Gospels. What I hope to show is that there are two prophetic streams in this Marian Era-one from heaven in the form of private revelation and also, criticially the magisterium of the popes. The writings of the popes also answer certain questions such as what is the exact meaning of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary? Why was Vatican II important from the eschatological point of view? How does the New Evangelization relate to the coming of the Kingdom and the New Heaven and New Earth? The importance of the prophetic charism of the popes given by the Holy Spirit is also explored.For all Catholics who love the popes and love our Blessed Mother, I hope this book will be eye opening, especially now when the focus is concentrated so much on the papacy..There is also an appendix of St Hildegard of Bingen's visions approved by Pope Eugene III, in which God the Father showed her the "Five Ferocious Epochs" to come between her time and the end of the world". Certain pin point accurate prophecies in those visions show us exactly where we are in those epochs. For me it also shows why Pope Benedict proclaimed Hildegard a Doctor of the Church last October. I hope that you will find a great amount of new information within its pages. I can promise that it is not a re hash of end times books available. I hope to show a completely new angle from those chosen by the Holy Spirit Himself.There is also a detailed section concerning why millennial theories have been ruled out by the popes-there is to be no era of peace within history, rather the popes clearly teach this refers to the definitive renewal of the universe after the Last Judgment.
    The book is available through amazondotcom or dotuk or angelico pressdotcom
    In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
    Stephen Walford