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help... please...

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by cassyrode, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Wisdomworship

    Wisdomworship Permanently Banned

    I used to have really bad skin, I went to my dermotologist and asked about differin. It cleared up all of my skin problems within a week and now I have very clear skin. You should try it.
  2. cassyrode

    cassyrode New Member

    about the differin ill look into it... ;)


    My skin is starting to clear up. ON ITS OWN... its like how adults are like, yea when i was a kid my face was terrible... but then one day it just went away and never came back... thats whats happening !!!

    Its AWSOME.
  3. brendansmommy

    brendansmommy Famous Idaho Potatoes!!!

    That's great news!! I hope it clears all the way up and stays that way!
  4. MissKerine

    MissKerine New Member

    ^Same here!
  5. JJay

    JJay A loving Spirit Supporter


    Well I'm ok now but when I was a teen, wooo not good..

    Someone said to me one time to mix a little Vingar and honey and at least drink two glasses a day with everytime something to eat.

    Sure enough the problem went away but looking back now which I don't have the problem anymore, was it really the vingar or was it drinking water which helps the body flush out the Toxins we seem to have alot of everyday.

    maybe a little of both not sure.. I never had to much problems like you.. Good luck but drinking water will help flush out your system and keep it clean now being your changing and all your hormones are flying around. hehe

  6. cassyrode

    cassyrode New Member

    haha yea, ive been excersising a lot lately... and i guess ive been drinking more water lately... hmmm
  7. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter Well-Known Member

    Have you tried proactive? It doesn't work for everyone, but the principle behind it is good. They use an exfoliating cleanser to open the pores, and then follow through with a disinfectant cream to kill the bacteria in the pores. For some people this system really works well, and it is not too expensive.

    Otherwise, you might try a good AHA cleanser twice a day (try at least 4% glycolic acid with a low pH). This will dissolve the oils on your face and help open the pores. Use a anti-bacterial cream to moisturize and clean the pores after than.

    God is not punishing you. Acne is the result of oil production (sebum) in your skin clogging your pores. It is a natural occurance of the human body, but worse in some people than others. But God is punishing you no more than he punishes men who lose their hair. It is a natural part of being human.

    I'm glad it is clearing up for you. But if it returns, try to stay confident in your personality despite how you feel about your looks. If you can overlook your acne, it will empower others to be able as well.

    All the best,
    Dark Matter
  8. kleptobismol

    kleptobismol Contributor

    i used to have bad skin but here's my skin regimen:

    - im on birth control pills (for an unrelated period problem)
    - i cut soda and beef out of my diet entirely
    - i use benzaclin
    - wash every night with st ives apricot scrub
    - make sure i drink 8 glasses of water a day
    - got a pimple popper which works wonders (only $16 for a wand on sephora.com... also removes blackheads. hurts, but it works wonders)

    anyways, keep your sheets, pillows clean. also, sun exposure is really really good for getting rid of them. think of how many tan people you've seen with bad skin! very few!
  9. onlinecheerio

    onlinecheerio Member

    i dont have the greatest skin either and i just started using proactive..its working pretty well so far...
  10. Safrdh

    Safrdh New Member

    I'm glad that your skin is clearing up! Yeah for you!

    When I was your age I had skin issues too. I think part of it is your age and the hormones that you produce. My acne was worse at different times of the month.

    Some tips my dermatologist gave me at that time was to apply makeup with your clean fingers and not a sponge because the sponge harbors oil and bacteria. Also, she said to keep my hands off my face during the day (which is still a struggle) - like resting my chin on my hands.

    As an adult I have had acne problems that have been treated with antiboitics, a sulfa soap, and some creams - which were all prescription.

    Good luck!
  11. Stacey

    Stacey Blessed are the peacemakers

    I'm glad to hear it's clearing up!
  12. KCDAD

    KCDAD Well-Known Member

    Zits? I know it seems like these are a curse and only less than a death sentence. They are normal. Everyone gets them sooner or later. My sister didn't have one zit until after she graduated from college, and started teachng. It is a phase of growth your skin is going through, caused by dirt in your pores. Just do your best to keep your skin clean... that includes your hands. A doctor can prescribe anti-biotics to reduce the inflamation but you just have to go through it for another year or so.
    Don't panic.
    As far as your hair goes... look, you need to get comfortable in your body. One of those ways is to accept the way you are and redfine culture's warped sense of what is beautiful for yourself. If you keep comparing yourself to others you will NEVER be happy with yourself.
  13. cassyrode

    cassyrode New Member

    wow i havnt been in here a while ( cf) and i came back and read a bunch, you guys give a lot of good advice!! Anyways, Ive been keeping my skin as clean as possible, and i try and drink my whole big water bottle dry everyday... But Ive thought of something, perhaps I have acne now to drive away guys so I wont date them, so that ill save that for later on... Assuming this i think maybe then when the time is right for seeing guys, ( when i say that I mean dating not staying away from guys because im afraid or anything... lol ) then my face will clear up? Idunno I talked about it with a friend and he says its a good idea, since God sometimes works in wwwweeeeiiiiirrrrdddd ways. anyways, thoughts?
  14. Cah_tel_in_07

    Cah_tel_in_07 New Member

    Go to a different dermatologist....? I wixsh I could makes some better reccomendations.....sorry.
  15. TenderEyes

    TenderEyes Help Thou My Unbelief

    I don't know if you'd be interested in this. . . but it REALLY works!!! Go to the site and look at all the before and after pics and you'll be amazed!!!
    It's awesome stuff! :thumbsup:
    Remember that, beauty ISN'T on the outside. . . it's in your heart! :hug:
  16. TenderEyes

    TenderEyes Help Thou My Unbelief

    I'm sorry I didn't even put the web address on my post! :blush:
    Here it is! www.proactiv.com PLEASE check it out! :hug: