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help! my daughters teacher lied.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by greenjeans, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. greenjeans

    greenjeans Psalm 32

    I recently challanged my daughter teachers on something that was not required to teach in the classroom :sigh: it was a foriegn language for first grader (I think it's a social agenda you know more pc stuff).
    anyway the teacher came back with how my daughter is disruptive and a poor student ect ect ect. my daughter has an awesome report card and made honor roll. I would like to go to the principal and the school board. but the problem is it's a small town and all of these people who could help me go to the same church. I feel like an outsider as it is, I frankly just want to skip all the proper steps and go straight to the state board of education. what would you do? I feel really alone right now and :help:
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  2. bliz

    bliz Contributor

    Chill. Calm down. Relax.

    If I understand you correctly, you are concerned that your daughter's teacher is including some foreign language in the curriculium, and it is not part of the (state? district?) required subject matter. Do I have this right?

    You are further concerned that the teacher told you that your daughter is not a good student and that she is disruptive, even though she has been given excellent grades... and you feel that she lied to you in telling you this.

    OK - one thing at a time...

    In addition to your daughter getting the regular curriculium, which she is mastering well, she has been given the opportinity, while she is young and while it is easiest to learn, to begin learning another language. Most perents would consider such an opportunity a wonderful thing! Many parents pay tutors to provide language education after school.

    There is nothing PC about learning other languages... There is no social aganda involved. We live on a multilingual planet and in a multilingual world. The more your daughter can speak other languages, the bigger her world will be, and the bigger her world is, the bigger her sphere of influence will be. Well educated people have been speaking more than one language since, well, since Biblical times.

    You should also consider if it is possible that your daughter has picked up on some of your attitudes and is bringing them into the classroom. You strike me as an opinionated woman - nothing wrong with that, I happen to be one, too. But when and where we express our opinions makes a difference. If your daughter has heard you speak about some of your opinions about her teacher and about her education there, she may be bringing these into the classroom with her and expressing them which could be disruptive.

    Even if you do not feel that she is disruptive, her teacher feels that she is. Very bright students with excellent grades can still be disruptive. I have been a school teacher and very active and on the board of my kid's Christian school. Teachers are human and you live in a small community. I'm sure that you do not want ever teacher your daughter will have to see her name on their roster and dread her arrival in their class. I know the last names of kids I did not want to see showing up in my classroom. I always tried to be professional and not hold a kid's parents against the kid... but teachers are human and they will not always do this well.

    I strongly encourage you to eat crow. Go to school ASAP and apologize to this teacher for your attitude. Yes, I know she lied to you and this was wrong, but you are responsible for what you did wrong, and I have a pretty good idea that you did some things wrong. Tell her that you have not changed your thinking about the language course, but that you are very sorry for how you spoke to her and that your emotions got the better of you that day and that you would like her to forgive you.

    I am willing to bet you cold hard cash that she will respond in kind. She will be gracious to you and apologize to you and the air will be cleared. Can't guarantee you that outcome, but I have seen this kind of response over and over again when we go directly to the person with whom we have had a problem - which is the Biblical method of handling conflict.

    You would not be doing this for the teacher! You would be dong this becasue this is how God has told us to handle confllicts, and becasue it is the best thing for your daughter, not just this year in school, but for years to come.
  3. Princessperky

    Princessperky Well-Known Member

    Aww that is terrible! saomeone you trust to have your small kid for so long each day is raising doubts... That is soo hard.

    Are you sure she is lieing? please don't take it wrong, I don't know you or your daughter or the teacher, but is your DD one of those great grades, trouble in class kids? (there would be more than one incidence for you to hear about if so)

    Is the teacher just reacting to a 'challenge' in anger? if so going somewhere wont really help, though it might get her 'reprimanded' (and it might raise a 'vendetta' from the teacher, to be taken out on your DD)

    Is he teacher one in the habit of lieing? if so try to catch more than just your kid and see if you can get her fired. (though no gurantee the replacement will be better)

    Is it really worth all that hassle to leave your kid in the school?
  4. CarrieAg93

    CarrieAg93 Senior Veteran

    To be honest I think you're overreacting. I would love for my kids to learn a foreign language and the earlier the better. You want to go to the board of education because the teacher said something was required when it really wasn't? Or because she said your daughter is disruptive? Either way, unless she's picking on your daughter in class, you should let it go.
  5. lucypevensie

    lucypevensie Not drinking the kool-aid Supporter

    The OP doesn't make sense. It sounds like: the teacher was teaching some kind of foreign language, you do not approve of that, then the teacher said that your daughter was disruptive in class, and you are angry, and somewhere in all this the teacher told some kind of lie....I'm sure you are just angry, but the logic doesn't flow. *breathe*:)

    Can you provide more specific info:)?
  6. Athene

    Athene Grammatically incorrect Supporter

    I don't really understand what's going on here . . . . . what's the problem with your daughter learning a foreign language, and isn't it a good thing when schools go above and beyond the curriculum to give children a better more rounded education . . at least that's the way I feel.

    Is it possible the teacher meant that your daughter was a poor languages student and in that particular class is a little disruptive?
  7. EmSchmem

    EmSchmem Guest

    I have to agree with the other posters. In a time when most school (around here at least) can barely get the basics in, I would be over joyed to have a teacher teaching some Spanish or any other language. It is increasingly important to know Spanish, political agenda aside. I will make an assumption that you are not upset at the idea of her learning any other language because you hope to keep her from other races and cultures.
    That being said, I am willing to bet you are feeling misunderstood by us right now. Not a single person seems to really agree with you. I understand your response though. I don't necessarily agree with it in THIS situation (as I said I'd be estatic to have a teacher go above and beyond and I WAS one of those smart dispruptive kids) but I understand the need to protect my child when I believe in something.
  8. HeyHomie

    HeyHomie Senior Veteran


  9. JoannaJoy

    JoannaJoy Well-Known Member