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Helmuth Hübener

Discussion in 'Scripts/ Screenplays' started by Jutta2, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Jutta2

    Jutta2 Active Member

    Helmuth Hübener was the youngest executed resistance fighters in Nazi Germany. He heard BBC and wrote flyer, which he gave to soldiers and put in boxes. He was a Mormon, and one of the few shining lights that had the Mormon Church in Nazi Germany. Most Mormons in Germany were Nazis, or were followers. I'm writing the Exposé now. My concern is to show this young man's inner torment, who sees that his coreligionists not want to see what is happening, and not willing to listen to their conscience.
    Indicative of this is a case of the Mormon Church in Sankt Georg, Hamburg, to which Helmuth belong to. TheBranch President of the LDS Church, Arthur Zander brought, at the entrance door of the church a sign on, after which it was banned Jewish members of the Mormons to enter the church. The sisters Marie and Solomon Schwartz was so denied access. The Branch President Zander incidentally betray both siblings to the Gestapo. Helmuth was also very angry.
    What brought this young man to remain a Mormon, but he saw the LDS church changed in Germany? This question I'm trying to pursue in my screenplay.
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