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Hello from rainy old Ireland

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SeraTaru, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. SeraTaru

    SeraTaru Member

    United Kingdom
    Serataru here or as I'm really known - David.

    I chose my forum name from a character I play in an online MMO.

    I'm *almost* 50....but not quite. Married to a wonderful lady called Andrea.

    We both live in Belfast in the North of Ireland.

    I've been a Christian for many years and Andrea just about 3 years ago although she was one of those people that went to church for years, taught Sunday school, sang in the choir...the whole nine yards but didn't ever hear in her church about the need to be born again.

    I've had a charismatic background although I first got saved in the brethren where my parents still both attend in their 80's. My Christian life hasn't been consistent and I've had many struggles and sins over the years...at one time I backslid so badly that I became involved in Satanism but Andrea has brought a real stabilizing influence into my life.

    Sadly I have one vice left - smoking, but I'm going to try and quit over Christmas when I've a couple of weeks off work.

    My personal journey has led me to question many things that a lot of people can take for granted. I've really questioned the validity of spiritual gifts over the years and reluctantly now pray in tongues...still not sure completely if it's valid today but I'm open minded.

    I love God's word....I hold it in the highest regard and it's "my thing" in terms of how I feel close to God. My favourite teachers are Steven Anderson, David Pawson, Colin Urquhart and most Southern Baptist Hard Preaching! (Kind of a strange mix for a tongue speaker I know!).

    For my day job I work in IT management, although I've detested it for 20 years....I just feel I'm doing the wrong thing in life but I've no clue how to change it.

    But it's great to be here - I heard many bad stories on another forum about this place but I think that maybe they were an embittered bunch and so I'm looking to make this my home.

    Great to be here - Blessings to you all!

    Serataru / David
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  2. Anhelyna

    Anhelyna Handmaid of God Supporter CF Senior Ambassador

    Eastern Orthodox
    Welcome to CF , David :wave:

    Hopefully you will find us a welcoming warm crowd of folks
  3. Shadow

    Shadow Active Member Supporter

    United Kingdom
    Welcome to Christian Forums David! I hope you enjoy your time on the forums. :)
  4. Tigger45

    Tigger45 Lutherans for our Lady Supporter CF Senior Ambassador Angels Team

    United States
    Glad you decided to join us David!
  5. Little Lantern

    Little Lantern Be encouraged! Christ has overcome the world! Supporter

    United States
    Greetings, and welcome to CF, David. May you find godly encouragement, good fellowship, and engaging discussion here. God bless you and Andrea.
  6. Sojourner1

    Sojourner1 CF Advisory Team, Policy Manager Staff Member Site Advisor Supporter

    United States
    Welcome to CF David :wave:
  7. sunshineforJesus

    sunshineforJesus is so in love with God Supporter

    United States
    Hi and welcome to C F