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Hearing from God...how often?

Discussion in 'Spirit-Filled / Charismatic' started by JRSut1000, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. JRSut1000

    JRSut1000 Newbie no more!

    How often? How often do you hear from God? I know the Scriptures are obviously a way, but I mean more like revelation, dreams, direction, etc. Something you know it's definitely God specifically to you for that day and time.

    Every day? As Spirit-filled believers, do you think we can hear from Him every day? Do you think the supernatural can be normal in the life of the empowered believer?

    Continuously? Here's the last question, do you think we can have such an intimate relationship with our Lord that our spirit is constantly 'plugged in' and listening for Him as He speaks to us throughout the day?
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  2. in1

    in1 Newbie

    The last of what you speak of I have been experiencing for three months or so.
  3. TasManOfGod

    TasManOfGod Untatted Saint

    Word of Faith
    For me every day - And that is while I am awake but quiet and resting - mostly through the night as I wake and before I drop off to sleep again. We just carry on a conversation -It's cool
  4. RevivalGuy7

    RevivalGuy7 Newbie

    How often for me? A LOT!!! Holy Spirit is soooo much fun! He, Jesus, and Poppa LOVE to talk! :)

    Every day? Yes! Absolutely! The supernatural IS the lifestyle we are to live. If you're not living a supernatural lifestyle, you're living less than what was purchased for at the Cross. The supernatural lifestyle is the lifestyle for which we were made. Angelic visitations. Dreams. Visions. Miracles. Signs. Wonders. Going up into Heaven. Heavenly Encounters. Transportation and Translations in the Spirit. Words of knowledge. Healing. Tongues. Interpretation. Raising the dead. Casting out demons. Cleansing lepers. Shadows overshadowing the sick. ALL of this and MORE is the lifestyle we have been given the honor of living. The supernatural lifestyle is the life we're supposed to be living.

    Continuously? YEEESSSS!!! :) Absolutely!
  5. Deba

    Deba The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want (period)

    My experience has been diverse. During the 3 years of preparation, there was a lot that God had to teach me, so I heard from Him alot. Not everyday, not every week, sometimes not every month, but sometimes it seemed like all day for days, depending on what was going on.

    But over those years, my character changed, my desires changed, actually almost everything about me changed except my personality.

    Rarely these days do I have those types of communications with God, but they are no longer needed. I know I am doing exactly what He wants me to do and I know that He is always there being God.

    It is a very easy,comfortable relationship these days. It may change in the future, but at this time I am enjoying a mature spiritual relationship with my God. It is what I believe Jesus died for me to have.
  6. Usernametaken

    Usernametaken Pastor is a title, not part of a name.

    As often as I seek him
  7. K2K

    K2K Newbie

    Wonderful thread and post!!!

    I loved Bill Johnsons quote also:

    "I cannot afford to have a thought in my head about me that is not in His." - Bill Johnson

    Paul wrote that he took all thoughts captive to Jesus Christ. Yet Paul also wrote that he did what he didn't want to do - not him but sin in him. So it would be unwise to think that I only hear from the Lord when I hear. John wrote to believers reminding them to test the spirits.

    Jesus explained that He did and says only what the Father told Him. That is our goal, but only He did it. So WWJD - what the Father told Him of course. So I loved the post:

    "Holy Spirit is soooo much fun! He, Jesus, and Poppa LOVE to talk! :) "

    Absolutely!!! :yum:

    "When a deer goes to the river to drink, doesn't he listen to see if the Lion might be coming out of respect and fear of the Lion. So it is, when you go to God's river to drink, you also need to listen for the Lion of Judah out of fear and respect for Him."

    I heard that little tid bit this morning.
  8. in1

    in1 Newbie

    John said test the spirits ........................., Jesus said, my sheep know my voice and another they will not follow.
  9. JRSut1000

    JRSut1000 Newbie no more!

    Very enjoyable answers k2k and revivalguy! Those responses confirmed the longing in my heart for more depth and greater intimacy. I know in journaling I've asked "How far can I go? How deep? How high?" etc when it comes to knowing God.
  10. RevivalGuy7

    RevivalGuy7 Newbie

    Awesome! I'm glad that helped out and confirmed what's going on! =) Yeah, God! Deeper than the depths of the ocean. Higher than the furthest star in the universe.

    He is longing for YOU. He craves YOU. He wants YOU soooo close to Him. He's going to take you deeper, so much deeper, in His love. I see you in a pool of liquid love, so saturated with His Presence in intimacy with Him. He really loves your heart for Him and your desire to go deeper. :)
  11. pdudgeon

    pdudgeon Traditional Catholic Supporter

    United States
    how often? quite a lot lately!
    On Monday or Tuesday this week He gave me a 5 point sermon series called "When You Run Out of Light." Ephesians 5:8-10.
    topics were as follows:
    1. Recognize that your light comes from the Lord, the source, not yourself.
    2. Re-assess: is it truly a brick wall, or is it a wall of paper?
    3. It's all in the timing. "And at the right time, "And it came to pass," etc.
    4. Are you ready to advance? Putting on the whole armor of God
    5. The Promise: "They that wait upon the Lord.."

    on Wednesday night the lesson was on using and building on the strength that He had given me. How when i thought i didn't have any strength, i was to recall what i had been given by Him, reach out and grab it, and then start building strength upon strength.

    last night He got me up at 3 am. it seemed almost like a muster call at Boot Camp. there i was sitting bolt upright at attention in bed, my feet firmly on the floor, ready and waiting. The only thing i could relate the incident to was maybe like a test of heaven's Early Warning System. it felt like that.
  12. Tobias

    Tobias Relationship over Religion


    ^This. (I think it's worth repeating, and sizing in a type we can all read!) :cool:

    I see no regularity in how often I hear from God. Sometimes I think He chooses not to speak, just to see if I will believe the things (and act on them) that He's already told me before.
  13. New_Wineskin

    New_Wineskin Contributor

    As SF/C , don't we all hear from Him every day ?