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Guardian Angel???

Discussion in 'Friendship Court' started by valerie, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. valerie

    valerie What about second breakfast?

    Ok, this is my first post ever, and I'm sort of a sapling Christian, so please don't think I'm silly.

    A month or so ago, I was having some very very hard times. Between my two jobs, money troubles, firefighter training, and taking care of my horse, I was nearing meltdown.

    I had a two week course for my second job that I was taking after my regular full time job, and I finally walked up to my mother in tears. I told her that I just couldnt do it anymore. My body and mind felt like they were crumbling.

    Ever supportive, she assured me the worst would be over soon, and I swear (I can still hear it as clear as a bell) into my left ear I heard a childlike female voice say simply "you can do it."

    I turned around to see who had said it, but there was nobody there. I explained what happened to my mother.

    She said "See? It was your guardian angel." (she also suggested that it may have been my deceased sister who would have been 8 years old this October)

    After that my strength was totally renewed and I got through that time period with no further troubles. That phrase still echos in my own thoughts whenever times get rough.

    What do you suppose it was? Any comments?
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  2. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    I believe in angels and they have a definite ministry in our lives. Whether it was an angel you heard or if there is another explanation, I do not know. But I assure you it was not your deceased sister.
  3. Annabel Lee

    Annabel Lee Beware the Thought Police

    It could have been an angel or a deceased loved one speaking to you. Or it could have simply been your subconcious giving you that push you needed.
    Whatever it was, I'm glad to see it got you over a rough spot. :)
  4. fieldmouse3

    fieldmouse3 Contributor

    Hi! :wave:
    Can't help you much with angels (not my area of expertise) but I wanted to tell you not to worry about people thinking you're silly. Asking questions is all part of the process! I've asked a few doozies myself in the past. :) So...ask away, and SOMEONE will help you.
  5. E-beth

    E-beth Senior Contributor

    You CAN do it, by the way...

    I believe in angels as well. A while ago God revealed to me that my guardian angel's name is Madeira. Strange I know.

    I also agree that it wasn't your little sister. I believe that the Bible states that dead people cannot cross the chasm between the earth and the heavens. ( It's in a story about a beggar and a rich man who both die) However, God could have sent the messsage in gher voice because it was meaningful and it made it special to you.

    I LOVE your story. Makes me all tingley!
  6. valerie

    valerie What about second breakfast?

    I didn't think it was my sister either. I don't really believe that we can talk to the dead and vice-versa. I'll talk to her grave, but its just for my own benefit. I'm glad there are others out there that believe in guardian angels. Sometimes I feel like someone is massaging my shoulders in times of stress, or holding me steady when I feel weak. Anybody else have similar experiences?
  7. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    Believe in angels? lol! How can we not? The Scriptures teach a great deal about Angels.

    I will tell you one quick story, I posted somewher else in hese forums long ago.

    One night my High School age son was coming home and it was very early in the morning. Slightly after midnight, I think. Anyway we had a place far in the country and he had to drive many miles through "Deer" infested country.

    One ran out in front of him and he swerved to miss it but lost control of the small Ford Ranger pick up. It turned over many times as it happened on a hill and came to rest on it's top in the middle of a four lane highway.

    The highway was deserted, thankfully, but someone came along and was able to pull my son through the hole where the back glass once was. My son is a very BIG boy (Not fat) but is 6'5" and weiged at the time a very muscular and stout 330 ponds. The person who pulled him out drug him across two lanes of pavement thereby scuffing the backs of his shoes and tearing chunks out of them, naturally. The person then put his shoulders down on the grass and my son turned to thank the person for helping him, but there was no one there. He was all alone, not even a car in site. No one to thank.

    The then walked the mile or so to the house to get me. We returned to the site and still no one has shown up. Eventually the police and ambulance came and took him to the hospital.

    An Angel? Of course it was. A 330 pond man cannot lift himself by his underarms, and raise his upperbody and drag himself across the highway scuffing the backs of his shoes, and there was no one else there.

    Praise God for the ministry of His Angels.
  8. Sharky

    Sharky Rockin dude!

    That's awesome gerry :clap:.

    I once too might have had an angel encounter. I was watching TV once i think it was a show called Due South. Anyway i was watching it for a while then out form no where a voice that said something like :"I gave you my life. I gave you my freedom." spoke out in an audiable voice. MY brotehrs were sitting lext to me. They didn't hear anything and it wasn't from the tv either.

    Had kept me wondering for years :).
  9. Martin

    Martin Senior Veteran

    There is no doubt that angels exist and I believe that we are all given a guardian angel, a messenger from God who will help and protect in times of trouble.

    I'm glad to read that you don't think it was your sister. As others have said, there is no connection between those who are dead and those who are alive. When people claim to have vistitations from dead loved ones, etc., it is more correctly the action of an evil spirit acting in like manner to that loved one to distract you from God and to seek other solace. (Sorry if some find this offensive or hurtful, I do not mean to add to anyone's pain, but we need to recognise the strategies of the enemy to keep us from God).

    Having said that, You have a personal relationship with the Father, himself, and any thanks (for anything - including encouragement) should be directed to Him and not to any angelic or spirit being. Furthermore, any needs/requests you have should be directed to Him and not to any angelic being.

    You describe the voice as being childlike and female. This doesn't sound like God to me, I have only ever heard of God talking in a father/masculine manner. As the words heard were of encouragement, I am rather inclined to the position that it may well have been an angel that spoke in your ear. I just feel in my spirit the need to offer you a word of caution. Do not let your attention and focus be towards angelic beings, but to the Father Himself - there is a danger here, that you may be drawn to ministering spiits or angels rather than to God Himself. God is our helper and He sends His angels to benefit us because He loves us. A true angel of God would recoil at you giving them attention but would always point you to God. Demon spirits will seek to switch your focus from God to them.

    My advice - seek to have a direct conversation with the Father. Talkt to Him, give Him thanks and tell Him your problems. If you want to hear from God, then (under normal circumstances) you need to still yourself before Him, switch your mind/focus from all other things and focus on Him. You will find that you can hear Him, He will give you picture, tell you about yourself (for the purpose of your own healing), etc. "Be still, and know that I am God".

    Love and blessings....

  10. KathyLA

    KathyLA New Member

    Hebrews 13:2 Is one of my favorite verses...it says that we should be kind to stranger for some have entertained angels without knowing. It always makes me wonder...did I meet an angel today? Working at the hospital I come in contact with lots of different people everyday. But, when I was going through a lot of doubt, there was one man in paticular...who every time I went in his room he asked me if I was saved and if I knew where I was going? I would just say I do...and go about my business of taking care of him...he would tell me a joke or keep talking about what God had done for him in his 90+ years...each day I looked forward to going in and seeing him...then one day he was simply gone...usually we know when someone is going to be discharged...so when he was gone without warning I was disappointed but, glad he was back home...the next day I read his obit in the paper...he died at home the day we released him. I know he probably wasn't one of the angels but, I have wondered about him many times since. It was because of his persistant asking the questions that I rededicated my life to Christ and came home. I am very much the prodical daughter. So yes, I believe in angels...the bible is full of angels doing all sorts of things. I know in my life there were many times I should have been dead and my mom always says...that for my brothers she prayed for them each a guardian angel...but, for me...a whole fleet! I could go on and on about angels...but, maybe some other time I will share some angel stories. Anyway, that's my two cents.