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Great Expectations

Discussion in 'Singles (Only*)' started by bellantara, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. bellantara

    bellantara Senior Veteran

    OK, so in a moment of weakness I filled out a profile for the Great Expectations dating service, and got talked into an appointment with them tomorrow night. But I've dug a little bit now, and have read bad things about their service, i.e. that they overcharge and don't provide a quarter of what they claim. Has anyone had any experience with them? *Is scared now* :help:
    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. TravellingGrace

    TravellingGrace Legend

    nope, sorry :hug: :sorry:
  3. stormgade4

    stormgade4 The Industrial Average

    My friend signed up with them last year. He had a good time with with it but nothing lasting came out of it. He was really opposed to the glamour shots and the videotaped interview. The service seems to attract a higher end clientele (mainly because it costs so much) and most of the girls seemed to be golddiggers for that reason. Like any other dating service, men far outnumber women so since you're a girl, you might fare a little better.

    He did say the mixers were fun. They arrange trips too. Dallas is about three hours from Shreveport so they arranged casino trips there.
  4. BeautyForAshes

    BeautyForAshes Senior Veteran

    I haven't. But I do have a track record of two marriages and one engagement under my belt (via me hooking them up that is..;) ) and I'm free! :D

    seriously though - good luck with that and just be careful (and read the fine print)!.
  5. bellantara

    bellantara Senior Veteran

    So, I had my appointment last night. They talked a real good game. . . right up to the $5,000.00 price tag. :eek: Couldn't leave fast enough. BfA, I may take you up on that offer! ^_^
  6. OhhJim

    OhhJim Often wrong, but never in doubt

    I checked them out some 15 years ago. They seemed very much like a used car lot. ("Yes, $5,000 is a lot, but what would it be worth to you to find your soul mate?")

    I couldn't leave fast enough, either. They remind me of AOL a few years ago. They are a very bad value, but they send out a bunch of stuff in the mail, figuring that some poor folks will sign up because they don't know any better.