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Grandpa 4

Discussion in 'Oncology (Cancer Support)' started by Grandpa4, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Grandpa4

    Grandpa4 Member

    Since I turned 60 in 2006, I've been diagnosed with all kinds of illnesses, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anemia, kidney disease, diabetes, and incurable bone cancer. I'm not in the least worried about any of it since my trust is in the Lord. He is my Sustainer, my Life, my Everything. Why should I be afraid, doubt or worry? If I die from any of it, I will go to with my Lord. If I suffer a lot from any of it, He will sustain me and give me the strength and courage to go on in this life and bear it all, and continue to praise His holy name. No matter what happens, My Lord and Saviour is there to help me through it all, and I am never alone. Worries and doubt simply means we are not trusting the Lord and His goodness.
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  2. Stabat

    Stabat Stat Crux, dum volvitur orbis Supporter

    Traditional. Cath.
    I'm sad to hear about all of the diseases you're battling and I hope that you get cured so that you may live a long life.

    When that being said I think it's nice to hear your testamony and how much you trust our Lord.
    Just keep in mind that it's ok to be afraid of dying, it is ok to be sad and feeling all those feelings.
    Remember that even Christ our King where under alot of distress in Getsemane and He cried as he saw the women burying her only son.

    We have been promised resurrection at the final day through our Lord Jesus Christ so we should always cling onto him because alone we're nothing.
    In the valley of the shadows he is the only light in front of our feet and we should let him light up our path always, but more than ever in the times when the cross we carry are at the heaviest.

    Please allow yourself to be honest with both yourselves and God when you feel sad, angry, lost or whatever feeling you may encounter.
    After all he knows us better than we know ourselves so seek him always.

    I wish you all the best brother and I pray that you may be spared of agony and pain and that you're blessed with many more years on this earth.

    In his mercy
  3. Grandpa4

    Grandpa4 Member

    I don't feel sad, angry, lost, or any other emotions, and I never fear death. Why should I be afraid to die when I know I'm born again and will go to be with the Lord? What is there for me to fear? Fear means not trusting.
  4. Zurückschlagen

    Zurückschlagen Weiß und Blau

    Everyone is afraid to die. It's a natural reaction of the body. Self preservation mechanism created by God himself.

    It's a lot for you to come here and admit that, and I appreciate it.

    My grandma is 67 and my grandpa is 70, they are still going strong. I wish them a long and happy life too. I wish I could help them. I can't even help myself right now. Anyways...

    Keep fighting. There are people that care! And you won't die until your mission is over. ;) Blessings!