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Grandmaster Putin’s Trap

Discussion in 'General Political Discussion' started by katsung47, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. katsung47

    katsung47 Newbie

    Russia falls in US' oil trap, or US falls in "Putin's gold trap? Interesting article to read.

    Grandmaster Putin’s Trap
    Thu, Dec 25, 2014

    Russia, United States
    By Dmitry KALINICHENKO (Russia

    Despite numerous success reports in the style of Fox News and CNN, today, Western economy, led by the United States is in Putin’s trap, the way out of which no one in the West can see or find. And the more the West is trying to escape from this trap, the more stuck it becomes.

    Grandmaster Putin?s Trap | Oriental Review
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  2. katsung47

    katsung47 Newbie

  3. katsung47

    katsung47 Newbie

    Russia still adding to gold reserves big time

    With an addition of 18.7 tonnes in October, Russia continues to build up its gold reserves.

    Author: Lawrence Williams
    Posted: Friday , 21 Nov 2014
    LONDON (Mineweb) -

    The latest announcement from the Russian Central Bank shows that the nation is still accumulating gold at a high level. Total gold reserves according to figures compiled by Nick Laird of www.sharelynx.com have now reached 1,169 tonnes having been expanded by a further 600,000 ounces (18.7 tonnes) in October.

  4. katsung47

    katsung47 Newbie

    Currency Wars – Russia and Netherlands Central Banks Buy 30.34 Tonnes Gold In December

    By GoldCore Research / January 27, 2015

    Russia and surprisingly the Netherlands were the largest central bank buyers in December – accumulating a significant 30.34 tonnes between them as currency wars intensify.

    The Netherlands, which has the ninth-biggest gold reserves, raised its bullion holdings for the first time in 16 years. It added 9.61 tonnes to bring total gold reserves to 622.08 tonnes.

    Russia raised its gold reserves for a ninth straight month in December as the country continued its multi month gold buying spree, adding to the fifth-biggest gold holdings in the world, data from the IMF showed yesterday.

    Russia continues to dollar cost average into gold and increased its bullion holdings by another hefty 20.73 tonnes to 1,208.23 tonnes in December.

    Currency Wars ? Russia and Netherlands Central Banks Buy 30.34 Tonnes Gold In December - Silver For The People
  5. katsung47

    katsung47 Newbie

  6. mindlight

    mindlight See in the dark Supporter

    I guess your agenda here is to promote Putin and make him look like he is out manoeuvring all the Western leaders cause what you say has little to do with the facts.

    The largest gold reserves are owned by the Americans who have about 7 times the amount you quoted for Russia. Even Germany has more than 2 an half times as much gold. But since Central Banks hold only 17% of gold holdings it is pretty much a mute point anyway and hardly earth shattering. The private market dominated by jewellery and investors is the key factor in the demand for gold and its price. The price of gold right now has to do with the possibility of a GREXIT which would damage the Euro, with the collapse of the Rouble and with various fears about the worlds economy.
  7. katsung47

    katsung47 Newbie

    No, it's a remind to people that a financial crisis is approaching.
  8. Verv

    Verv Senior Veteran

    Korea, Republic Of
    In Relationship
    I think that, in all likelihood, the Saudis are the ones that are manipulating the market. Their moves are probably designed at accomplishing two things:

    (1) Destabilizing the Iranians as much as they can.

    Currently they are huge geopolitical rivals especially on the Syria thing, and the Wahabbist extremist Sunnis will always want to pick a fight with the Shi'as.

    (2) Hurting the nascent US & Canadian oil markets. The longer they can stint the development of the US the more they can enjoy their own greater market share. They want to kick out as many initial competitors as possible and have no problem bringing oil prices down to discourage further investment in new oil fields.

    This is why SA is manipulating OPEC>

    did you know, the Saudis can make profits still at $10 a barrel for oil, while most US & Canadian firms can only make profits at around $80 a barrel?

    The Iranians also budgeted their whole government incorrectly and were counting on $110 a barrel. Very amateur mistake, and the Iranian economy is really hurting right now. The prices of many foods ranging from nuts to cheese have even increased -- quality goat cheese that you could get without second thought 5 years ago have now gone quite high in spite of sanctions perhaps being relieved in the near future.

    But I am no expert.

    I just hope some of this analysis was found to be interesting by someone.
  9. katsung47

    katsung47 Newbie

    Russia unloads 20% of its total U.S. holdings in one month
    February 21, 2015

    By Mac Slavo

    According to a report from Zero Hedge the Russians have already started unloading their dollar reserves. In the month of December alone they sold a record $22 billion in U.S. Treasurys. While this may not seem like a big number, it is over 20% of their total US dollar holdings.

  10. katsung47

    katsung47 Newbie