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good Christian songs to help with depression?

Discussion in 'General Struggles' started by Nicci, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Nicci

    Nicci Member

    I was wondering if anyone had any Christian songs they liked to listen to that someone with depression could relate to, and that gave them comfort.

    meh...that sentence is kind of disjointed; sorry about that, it's been one of those days and I don't feel like figuring out the correct way to word my question. Hopefully, y'all know what I meant to say lol.
  2. tj179

    tj179 Spirit filled

    I have a CD that I listen to each day and it lifts me every time I listen to it. Not so sure it will do the same for you but try it.
    If you are able to, download the songs off the internet. Do a search for gospel at Kaaza. Here are a few.
    The old rugged cross, What a friend we have in Jesus, One day at at time sweet Jesus, I saw the light,Stand by me,I come to the garden alone.
    A site that you can order CDs of David Demarco is Daviddemarco.com He was at our church 2 weeks ago and he has an excellent voice and a great love for God. My daughters age 22 and 20 loved it. He writes his own songs. The one I enjoyed the most is called Im Free. Sings about how we are free to worship the way we choose.
    I hope this helps you out and I am praying for you. It is nice to see that you are searching for the Lord in music. Music is a great way to worship.
    May God bless you,
  3. Foofish

    Foofish Foolishest of Fishes

    I thought these few have really good message (most of them with a personal message when you are down)...Most of them are downloadable via Kazaa/emule

    4Him - The Measure of a Man
    Avalon - Everything to me
    DCTalk - In the Light
    FFH (Far From Home) - You Found Me
    Jeff Deyo - I Give You My Heart
    Jeff Deyo - More Love More Power
    Joy Williams - Surrender
    MercyMe - Word of God Speak
    Natalie Larue, TBone, Dj Maj - King of My Life
    Jill Parr - Orbit
    Switchfoot - Meant to Live
    Todd Agnew - This Fragile Breath
    ZOEGirl - You Get Me

    Hope they help your friend as much as it helps me.
  4. Deamiter

    Deamiter I just follow Christ.

    Kutless is my favorite by far! They explore such a great range of emotions, but I wake up to "Grace and Love" every morning. I would definately buy their CD because they're not only 100% Christian, they're wonderful musicians as well! Run by Kutless is one of the best anti-depressants that exists!

    Actually it'd help if you had a Genre to work with here. If you're into heavier stuff to release your emotions, pillar or Disciple could be good. Perhaps you could mention some groups you already like?
  5. Garcookie

    Garcookie Member

  6. desi

    desi Well-Known Member

    Probably Petra's song about the 'world being in his hands' or their 'could'a gone either way' song.
  7. childofgrace

    childofgrace New Member

    Mark Schultz and David Meece both have great stuff for when we are walking in the valley.
  8. doofus125

    doofus125 Goodbye

    hmmm....actually something that helps with depression is to just shake it off and just praise God, either in prayer, reading, or praise & worship music.....I know this works because I have severe depression and I'm not on any med's and doing this is the thing that gets me through the day in one piece and I go to bed at night knowing that Jesus is right there with me building me up to serve him......
  9. Salsa_1960

    Salsa_1960 Senior Member

    I love to listen to Charlie & Jill LeBlanc. Very uplifting music.
    Off the top of my head, here's the chorus to one of their oldies:
    I want to sing. (I want to sing like the angels sing)
    I want to dance. (I want to dance like King David danced)
    I want to pray. (I want to pray like my Jesus prayed)
    Teach me Lord. Teach me Lord. Teach me Lord. I pray.
  10. Stanfi

    Stanfi Senior Veteran

    Through the Fire - Crabb Family
    Stand Still - Isaacs
    He Understands my Tears - Isaacs
    Jesus Can - Ricky Atkison and Compassion
    The Sun Will Shine Again - Ricky Atkinson and Compassion
    Where is your Faith - Jody Brown Indian Family
  11. Risen Tree

    Risen Tree previously Rising Tree

    In Relationship
    Oh yeah! :clap:

    Anything from 4HIM's The Ride, especially "Real Thing"
    Anything from Jars of Clay's Much Afraid, especially "Portrait of an Apology."
  12. Psyber freek

    Psyber freek Willfully Stupid

  13. fishstix

    fishstix Senior Veteran

    I find these songs very encouraging. Most are almost like the inverse of praise music - songs more from God's point of view sung towards us:

    Rest Easy - by Audio Adrenaline
    Never Gonna Say Goodbye - by Guardian
    I Know Your Name - by Michael W. Smith
    Always There For You - by Michael Sweet
    Forever Yours - by Michael Sweet
    The River - by Michael Sweet
    Real - by Michael Sweet
  14. wooderson

    wooderson New Member

  15. jenny35

    jenny35 New Member

    There's a song by Kathy Troccolli called "Hallelujahs" that is so beautiful and special to me, especially right now in dealing with the loss of my former husband. Anyone heard it? God bless.