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Good-Bye Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Discussion in 'Baptists' started by BT, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. BT

    BT Fanatic

    To my good and faithful brothers and sisters in Christ here in the Baptist/AnaBaptist Forums,

    You have been a serious blessing to me and my Christian walk. You have allowed me the opportunity to bless you in return as we have walked with each other in fellowship, prayer, and study. I have many fond memories of so many of you, times that I have sat here laughing till tears rolled down my face at some of the things that have been said, and some of the crazy threads that we've come up with over time.

    I have resigned my moderatorship and am leaving CF permanently. I would ask that you please look at my email address in my profile and email me. I would love to keep in touch with as many of you as possible. If you can't find my email address please PM RED That's Me, Cright, or JCright as I know that they all have it. I would post it here but it would be edited and removed.

    Some things have happened in the recent past that have made this decision necessary. I don't need to air the dirty laundry for you all, most of you can probably figure it out anyway. Simply stated I can not abide this place any longer according to my beliefs and convictions. I had thought to just simply remove the CF link from my computer and forget about it, but I was convicted that I should come and say good-bye to you who have meant so much to me.

    I have been blessed by God to meet you and have appreciated sharing things from my life with you. You have been here for me when I had a new birth, several deaths, career and ministry changes etc. You have challenged me with your questions and made me really think about some things. I thank you for that and pray that God will continue to bless you.

    Please to my friends here who are "younger" in the Lord. Don't let this discourage you. It is a personal conviction and decision. I would leave you with this advice. Stick to sound teachings, rely on your local pastor for spiritual guidance, rely on your local church. Take (almost) everything you read here with a grain of salt - realizing that many people from many backgrounds and persuasions gather here. Test all things against the Word of God - it is the only perfect thing that you have. Try every Spirit to see if it is from Christ. Love each other, pray for each other.

    It is with great heaviness of heart, and no small number of tears that I bid to you my final,



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  2. GreenEyedLady

    GreenEyedLady My little Dinky Doo

    I'M GONNA MISS YOU BT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Iollain

    Iollain Jer 18:2-6

    In Relationship
    BT, love ya! :hug:

    Will try to keep in touch a bit but my Hubby got jealous over UB writing so it won't be real often. lol :cry:

    You keep on preachin :preach: Someday we'll all meet that's for sure :clap:

    What a day, glorious day that will be
  4. Flynmonkie

    Flynmonkie The First Official FrankenMonkie ;)

    In Relationship
    I really would hope that you just take a break and pray about this for a while. This place can wear on my last nerve at times, and then the next thing I know – someone is standing on that! :eek: The Good Lord is really teachin me stuff! :D I stop and think no matter the issue, how does God want to use you in the situation? However that is not for us to decide! I really have enjoyed your fellowship here. It might be because you do represent the "local" church to me. A breath of fresh air. :)

    I sure do hope to see you again one way or another.....soon. :hug:
  5. Richard

    Richard Legend

    Well, I don't know you that well BT, but it sounds like you have a rock hard faith for Christ. Best of Wishes and God Bless

  6. jcright

    jcright Truth Seeker

    BT, you will be missed to the extent that words cannot express. Your teaching, guidance, advice, encouragement, faith...all of it has been such a blessing. You've helped me establish a stronger walk with the Lord and for that I can't thank you enough. I pray that the Lord will be with you and continue to bless you. I'll even selfishly pray that the Lord may lead you back here to help us out once again.

    Thanks for everything!
  7. Ginny

    Ginny I like to whisper, too!

    I wish I knew what was going on. There seems to be a lot of people leaving for convictions through this forum.
  8. mesue

    mesue Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none.

    :cry: BT

    :sigh: I know your pain :(
  9. Terri

    Terri Senior Veteran

    Could someone please PM me and let me know what is going on?
  10. aReformedPatriot

    aReformedPatriot Ron Paul for President!


    BT, Brother, I understand totally. I am going to miss you here very much. I am praying for your ministry, present and future and that God's will be done in Edmonton. Who knows, maybe I'll pop into some random churches there asking for the famed Pastor BT. :p

    Peace in Christ,
  11. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'

    That's just IT!

    Uncle Bud, Seebs, GEL and now BT?!?!

    I am so upset! These are people I have known and fellowshiped with for years. These are people who have prayed for me and whom I have prayed for. These are people who helped to make me who I am today. These are people I love.

    My heart is crushed by these losses.

    I just want to keep crying.
  12. rnmomof7

    rnmomof7 Legend

    BT you have been a gift to CF, please stay .
  13. drstevej

    drstevej Light Attracts Bugs Staff Member Chaplain Supporter

    United States
    Allow me to second that!
  14. ps139

    ps139 Ab omni malo, libera nos, Domine!

    God Bless you BT. :pray:
  15. eldermike

    eldermike Pray Supporter

    I agree!
  16. RED that's ME

    RED that's ME *~*God *IS* Love*~*

    BT you have been a blessing to me. I will miss you and really hate to see you leave. :cry: We had a lot of fun and laughs as staffers.
    God opens and closes doors on ministry. I pray for you as you go to preach this Sunday and pray God will be done.
  17. Tenorvoice

    Tenorvoice Give me Liberty ...Or a pie in the face

    In Relationship
    BT I beg and plead for you to stay my brother.

    Don't leave.

    Your and your insight are a blessing to us.

    Hope and pray that you change your mind.
  18. Carrye

    Carrye Weisenheimer

    God bless, BT.
  19. Diane_Windsor

    Diane_Windsor Senior Contributor

    It will be a glorious day:

    Godspeed BT :wave:

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