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Oct 14, 2003
United States
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I don't what to turn our little theological debate board into a movie review site but has anyone seen this movie ? It came out in 2007, I'm a little behind in my movie watching.

Good Lord in Heaven.

It starts with a 4 year old getting kidnapped. Private detectives get involved.

So its a crime movie.

But it's quiet, no guns, no car chases, not a lot of yelling. For long stretches of time the main characters seem to speak at a whisper.

It just 2 hours of unrelenting, unstoppable, continuous human destruction.

Half way through this movie you're convinced there is no way our race is redeemable.

Three quarters of the way through you're praying the kid never gets found because it's a better fate then being returned to her mother.

It's the most morally depressing movie I've ever seen.

It's absolutely the best movie I've seen in years. You HAVE to see this.
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