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going to church in another city

Discussion in 'Non-denominational' started by lamp_on_a_hill, Mar 10, 2002.

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  1. lamp_on_a_hill

    lamp_on_a_hill New Member

    Hello, all. I have kind of a dilema, and please no one think I am wierd for thinking like this.
    Is it too wierd to move to another city, because there is a church there that you want to be able to attend every Sunday? Where I live, there are so many churches, but none like this one, not by far. It's kind of a long story. And I know everyone is going to want details. Well, I have been watching this church on TV for a couple years. The sermons completely changed my life. Finally a couple months ago, I went to this city to visit this church in person and meet the pastor. I rededicated my life to Christ there. I also fell in love with that city. It was very beautiful there.
    I also found other reasons to move to this city, but the church is the main reason. Would you do it if you were me?
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  2. Ioustinos

    Ioustinos Veteran

    Eastern Orthodox
    As Christians it is our personal responsibility to make sure that we are doing all that we can to strengthen ourselves in Jesus Christ. Such as studying our Bible, prayer, devotions, etc. If you feel that being in this church and being INVOLVED in this church will make you a stronger and more effective Christian, then go ahead :)

  3. Didymus

    Didymus can t spell--can t type

    I don t think it s weird. Just be sure you are following the Lord s leading and not bein caught up by the charm of the pastor of the church. In other words if he was to leave that church would you still want to go there ?
  4. lamp_on_a_hill

    lamp_on_a_hill New Member

    I really feel like going to church there would make me a stronger Christian. I also have a desire to serve there. I don't know about that question about the pastor... if he left would I still want to go there. I am not really sure I know about the motives behind that question. First of all, he would never leave. Second of all, if any pastor left any church, and a new one came in, he would have to be a decent preacher for people to want to stay. I don't think I would stay with a preacher who was threatening everyone that the government was going to put grocery store scanners in their foreheads. (Unless you believe in that sort of thing.)
  5. Didymus

    Didymus can t spell--can t type

    I met it is easy to folloe a leader rather then God. This is a common cause of church splits
  6. lamp_on_a_hill

    lamp_on_a_hill New Member


    I kind of knew this would happen. I am trying to talk to Christians about things in my life, and all they can do is try to find what's wrong with it.
    Can I ever do anything right in the eyes of Christians?
  7. Blessed-one

    Blessed-one a long journey ahead

    if it was God's will then so be it. From your post, i think i'd move if i were u, finding a suitable church to go is quite important since it provides part of the spiritual support (the other from God).
    but then, if u wanted more assurances, pray, and God'll surely answer. :)
  8. lamp_on_a_hill

    lamp_on_a_hill New Member

    I just wanted to post in response to Didymus- what she said about following a leader rather than God.
    You know, all my life, I have answered to Christians warnings like that. It always seemed like no matter what I did in life, other Christians wanted to dig and dig and dig for reasons why it might be wrong. It was a Christian's responsibility, I was told, to alert others when they were doing wrong. For some reason, this meant that every little thing about myself, that I have tired to share with others, must be dissected to try and find fault in it.
    When I wanted to be a nurse, Christians were trying to alert me to see if I was "truly" doing it to serve God, or was I just infatuated with how much money nurse's made. So I quit nursing school.
    When I was engaged to be married, Christians in my life tried to find sin in that, too. Everyone was reading Joshua Harris's books then. Everyone wanted to quote the apostle Paul's opinions on marriage. Everyone warned us about marriage being trouble in the flesh. Everyone warned us about married people being disadvantaged when it came to serving God. Everyone warned us about putting each other above God. So we cancelled our wedding.
    When I wanted to move out of my parents' house and get my own apartment, it was the same thing again. People warned me about being defiant, going against authority. Wanting to be independant might take away from wanting to serve God. Was I "truly" doing this for God, or was I only trying to please myself? I stopped looking for an apartment.
    When I started to devote my life to working with kids and child welfare, pthe Christians in my life questioned this, too, even tried to find sin in the volunteer work I was doing. I had to be careful I wasn't doing it to fill some void that God could fill. I had to watch my motives. I just might put my devotion to the kids above God. I just might put too much effort in to doing for the children that I could be putting into doing God's work.

    I am tired of everything in my life always being sinful or wrong. I am tired of people trying to find thhings about me that somehow prove I am doing things for the wrong reason. It has brought more ehartache and pain into my life than you can imagine. When I started watching this preacher on TV, he was so positive. Through his sermons, God showed me that it was ok to have dreams, and it was ok to desire the good things in life. If it wasn't for the positivity in those sermons, I would have given up in my work with children at risk, and I would not be as successful as I am today. I would not have accomplished the things which I have accomplished for the kids. And that's what my life is all about. It's all about them.
    When I went to Houston, TX to visit Lakewood church and meet pastor Osteen in person, I not only felt like that church was where I needed to be. I felt like Houston was the city where I needed to be. IT was so beautiful there. It was a big city. It is the fourth largest city. I found that the university offers a program in child welfare, which is something I can't get here. I found that there were way more resources for kids at risk, whic hwould make me more successful, make my jobs more easier.
    I have been wanting to move to another city since I was 18-19 ears old. I need a new beginning so badly. My life has been full of pain heartache, failures. I need so badly to start over. I know that not only God supports me in this, I know he wants it for me. It was Him who told me that Houston was where I need to be.
    I know that the mighty Christian thing to do is to try and find things wrong with everything in everyone's life. But I have always succombed to those "challenges" and it has landed me in endless failure. I need to do this one thing for myself. I need to be in a place which is new, fresh, positive, encouraging, big, populous, close to the beach. I truly believe that this life in Houston awaits me. I have a lot of promise if I move there. If I stay here, I have nothing but reminders of pain and failure.
    I am not the best Christian in the world. I am not this perfect Christian who does no wrong. I do not have the perfect church answer for everything, I don't. But I am the only one who is responsible for myself. All of thsoe stronger, better Christians, who try to find things wrong with everything in my life, even my decision to move away, they are not responsible for me. They are not the ones who have to keep me awake when I am working at the crisis nursery until 3 or 4 am. They ar enot the ones who boil water to cook a meal when I am hungry. They are not the ones who fork out the money when the rent is due, when I need new shoes, they are not the ones who buy them for me. They are not the ones who are with me when I am alone. They all only seem to tell me what to do with my life and them move on. I have to live it. They don't. They aren't the ones who were screming on the bathroom floor on what was supposed to be my wedding night, because the Christian thing to do was to never see my fiance again.
    I need a new life and a new beginning. I have lived in this town for so long. And it isn't just the church that is the reason why I want to live in Houston. The underlying reason is because I want a new life, I NEED a new life. And the fact that my career would be so much more successful there. Where I live in Arizona is the statistically worst state to be a child. There are more resources in Texas, which would make more things accomplishable for a child advocate like myself.
    I know that God wants me there. I am tired of making myself unecissarily into a sinner just to please other Christians.
  9. filosofer

    filosofer Senior Veteran

    Martin Luther had great advice about decision-making: sin boldly!!

    However, the rest is important for you and for me and anyone else.


    Search Scriptures to see whether it is sin. If it is not then ...


    Seek out godly counsel from mature Christians (not those who "think" they are, but who are really super-legalists) who might see things you cannot - giving insight not more laws...


    Make your decision. And here is where Luther's advice comes in. Move forward with the decision you make - sin boldly. But the other half of the quote is often forgotten: If there is sin involved, then confess the sin and believe all the more boldly - then move forward. In other words, don't look back in regret. Live in the certainty that you desired to follow God, and you live in the assurance of God's forgiveness and peace.

    And that comes from God's declaration that you are righteous in Christ by faith, not because a particular decision seems unfavorable to others.

    God's blessings
  10. Optimus_P

    Optimus_P Super Umpa Lumpa

    let God take you where he wants you to be, and be ready at all times to go when He askes.

    By all means if you feel it is a calling to go; then go. but no matter where you go remember that God is with you, and even in the hard times that come w/ picking up and going keep your faith and the word of God close to you .
  11. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'

    I can't imagine a better reason!

    We go to a church in another state (about 35 miles from here) because we love it so much, and I would love to move closer so I could be more involved in the life of the church. We miss out on so much by being distant. Go and God bless you!
  12. lamp_on_a_hill

    lamp_on_a_hill New Member

    Lambslove, thank you for understanding. I can't think of a better reason, either. And I also have about 5 or 6 other reasons for wanting to move there.
    Filosofer, I am sorry, but nothing you said made sense at all. I think you are just trying to sound smart.
  13. RayNay714

    RayNay714 Worshiper and Seeker

    I think that its fine to move because ou want to attend a church that has changed your life. I believe that God is moving in your life, and he did it through that churhc. Don't feel that what you are doing is being criticized but remember that the people here are just trying to help you, not to put you down. Pray above all things for God's wisdom in this!

    Until All Have Heard,
  14. filosofer

    filosofer Senior Veteran

    Well, sorry that it didn't make sense. Regarding the second sentence, you think wrong. I have more important things to do that try to "sound smart."

    I meant that for encouragement for you. If you have studied Scripture and there is no sin, then do it - don't worry about what others think or say, because you have resolved it with God.
  15. zero0w

    zero0w Disciple in Christ

    It sounds pretty awful to me, that people/Christians think married people cannot commit to God as much as non-married. The only thing important is that you married another (also) in Christ, that you two can serve the Lord together: and no one will abandon the other since we (the believers by faith in Christ) all will become one with Jesus as Paul told in the Bible - Ephesians 1:10 .

    I remember once a pastor raised a question in the church: "does it mean we must live with our parents (given we loved them so much)?" I can't remember his answer, but I won't equate loving family as living together. In fact family can be a source of challenge to faith (maybe non-believers, or other acts of crime or corrupt). For some people in poor country they have to leave their family to another town to get a job, send the wages earned back to their homes and perhaps pursued other opportunities.

    If the Lord is guiding you, and you are being attentive to any of His sign (do pray often to seek his guidance), He will be there for you to tell you what to do. Who knows? Maybe there's another mission for you later on in your life. (Paul's repentance and conversion was typical, he used to persecute the Christ and anyone who followed Him. Since after his meeting with the Lord on his journey in Damascus, he changed to become the one who followed the Christ and dedicated his life completely and soley for Him. Our Lord does give his guidance and instructions as long as you pray and seek for Him - Acts 9:1-19 ; Deuteronomy 4:29-31.)

    To develop your professional career, basically is nothing wrong - as long as it's doing no harm to others. You just need to manage it so that you won't lose your sight, time, and commitment and after all, your faith and love to the Lord - which means you need to commit to BOTH your child welfare career and church service. The Christ is the one who can save believers from death (by resurrection like Jesus when He comes back) and gives eternal life, just keep in mind of that.

    Try to pray for His answers for a while. If you believe the Lord is really guiding you there, you should go, and no doubt about it.

    I don't believe in such a mighty Christian - the most mighty one is the Lord Jesus. The Lord doesn't ask for failures, it is people who believes failures will keep others in check. "just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." - Matthew 20:28, the point is to serve, wherever you are.

    Also, there is no one who can decide who's "the best Christian", but Lord and Lord Himself who decides that. Jesus' answer to Zebedee mother's request clearly indicated that "these places belong to those for whom they have been prepared by my Father" - Matthew: 20:20-28.

    Those people who only found what others wrong at are rather cynical and believe in the Law rather than the faith in Christ. For I believe a person in general should be able to find BOTH people's merits and weakness. Learn from the merits and avoid the weakness, or make them irrelevant by helping each others out. Last but not least, to be responsible for your life is important, but the Lord will be with you and take care of your life too! - if you have faith and believe in Him.

    Don't just listen to what other people or bible teacher/commentator said, try to read the bible yourself. It's important to find the truth first hand in your own, the letters (chapters) written by Paul in the New Testament provides great encouragement and support for the disciples (daily struggle). Paul's repentance and faith are great. He told people to repent and believe in the Lord, not just act within the Law.
  16. Kiwi

    Kiwi Active Member

    I know someone who moved to another continent and country to attend a particular church!! It definatly sounds like you need a change in your life. Reading one of your posts reminds me of one of the reasons I recently changed churches, and that was that in my old church every sunday I came out feeling like the rotten sinner with no hope. I am a perfectionist by nature and always feel unable to measure up anyway so this was not helping. Now we are going to a church which is encouraging yet challenging at the same time. I don't think one church is better than the other, it's just they focus on different areas and, with my personality I need all the encouragement I can get!! So go for it!
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