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Going Off to College, and I need some words of wisedom

Discussion in 'Younger Adults 17-23' started by luv4lionheads, May 10, 2011.

  1. luv4lionheads

    luv4lionheads Newbie

    So, this fall I will be heading out to Northern Michigan University for college. My youth past has given me and the other seniors in our youth group words of advice on how to keep up a christian lifestyle while living away from home and at a public college. I've been in Christian schools for the past 11 years, so this is going to be really new to me. My worst fear of all is losing my faith, that, and ending up having sex before marriage. Maybe for some people that might be a little silly, but my virginity is something I'm proud of. I don't want to give that gift away that is meant for my future husband.
    So, what I'm asking for is some advice/ tips. How are you getting through school with your faith in tact, or how did you in the past.

    If anyone could help me out, I would be extremely grateful.

    God Bess,

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  2. liesje

    liesje Singing in the rain

    Hey Marie

    I'm at university at the moment and it can be a struggle in terms of faith sometimes. My best piece of advice would be never never never even when you're busy, never compromise on reading the Bible and praying. That's the quickest way for doubts to creep in. Also, it would be good to have some Christians who you can meet up with regularly. Hope that helps!
  3. BibleDave

    BibleDave Lover of many things

    I can assure that It will help you to keep your faith if you read the Bible throughout the time you are there and that you try and also influence others with your Christian principles. Doing that will please God and will also help you to remember where you come from. Even as the statement 'remember where you come from' is overused, it is still important to follow.

    Keep safe and feel free to ask me any questions or for help.
    God bless,
  4. Fatally.Yours

    Fatally.Yours I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it.

    In Relationship
    Join the Christian society. A priest came into my school today to talk to us about keeping faith and that's what he advised.
    About 5 years too late for 90% of the people there. >.<
  5. explodingboy

    explodingboy Guest

    Well matters of faith is best left to others, though I'd reccomend finding some like minded souls to keep in good contact with and talk to regularly, plus if your moving far finding a decent church group would be a decent starting point.

    As to the later concern, the advice is simple.

    Never do anything your not comfortable with, one should never be pressured into having sex, anyone that fails to understand this isn't worth sleeping with to begin with.

    Always remember God gave you a noggin for a reason, make sure to use it, don't let yourself be put into comprimising situations, stand firm in your decisions and remember that being frigid is actually nothing to worry about being labled as, since the opposite is a more derogatory term for ladies of the night.
  6. PhantomTorment

    PhantomTorment Seeking Wisdom

    My suggestion would be to just make sure you stay plugged into God, and the church. Continue (If you are already) doing daily Bible reading, and get involved with a local church. The closer you are to God, the easier it is to resist temptation.
  7. luv4lionheads

    luv4lionheads Newbie

    Thanks everyone :)
  8. Rhayven

    Rhayven Newbie

    Be yourself and know that God will always be with you, even at college it might seem like Hes further and further away, don't worry He will be there for you. Stay true to who you are and don't be something you are not!
  9. FirefighterForChrist

    FirefighterForChrist God's Loyal Servant

    Don't stray away from who you really are. I just completed my first year, and I'm ashamed to say my first semester I didn't stay true to myself. I got caught up in things I shouldn't have, and pushed God away. My second semester I joined a Baptist group on campus, and it has been alot easier to make the right friends, and the right choices in college. If they offer such a group, make sure to look into it.
  10. yourstrulyjulie

    yourstrulyjulie Member

    In Relationship
    If you honestly want to keep your faith, there's nothing stopping you. Dont' do anything you don't want to do, and you'll be fine. I'm going to be a senior at a secular school this year, and my sister just finished a year at a big party school. All her friends got caught up in the college lifestyle because they WANTED to. She didn't want to and was fine.
  11. branchofthevine

    branchofthevine Newbie

    I as well am in college on my own. I can say that your faith really becomes your faith, and not that of your parents or people back home. It takes a lot of commitment to keep your faith and to grow. Basically putting it even before your school work. Good friends are a must. Friend some other Christians and hang tight to them if they are passionately seeking God first. I have seen many professing Christians slip back and even lose their faith because of the people they have hung around with.

    I go to a Christian University, so for a secular one I can't speak much of. However, even in a Christian University there are so many non-Christians and Christians by title only, and not in their living.

    One Pastor I have heard of said to preach the Gospel to yourself daily, also to get into the word of God daily and to pray as often as you can.

    hope this helps in some way.
  12. lindseyk3

    lindseyk3 I can't understand life without Him.

    I just graduated from a state university a few weeks ago and I cannot lie to you that it is tough at times. But having a Godly, positive attitude toward this season of your life will help you make decisions to do only the things you want to do.

    The pressure will be there, however,(it would be naive for us to not warn you of the ups and downs that come w/college lifestyle and how they can affect your faith) and staying in the Word will keep you close to God (when you draw near to Him, He draws nearer to you). But remember, even if you do stray off and do something you didn't intend to (because I'm pretty sure you're human), God's grace is sufficient. Recognizing that you have value as a child/co-heir in the kingdom will bring you out of those times that you may have regrets.

    Some practical things that I stuck with during my four years at state:

    1. Seek out an older person (can be an elder in you church or a Bible study leader) whom you can trust, and has been through college, and have regular meetings with them if you can (I understand that the college schedule will get crazy busy, but it's worth it to have a person you can consistently come to). God blessed me with a mentor/discipleship leader since freshman year and we still meet every Mon. night for Indian food and fellowship. She challenges me, holds me accountable but she also loves me and has been in my shoes before.

    2. Join a local church. Even if you don't know a soul there and you're far enough away that you cannot stay connected at your "old church", this is a time in your life where you're expected to try new things, get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. If you're in a college town, there's likely a few churches nearby that many of the university students attend. And don't just join it for the service, actually get involved! Become part of a ministry or volunteer. (great way to meet people)

    3. Practice prayer. Spend time in the Word of course, but do not neglect your prayer time with the Lord. And I'm not just talking about talking at Him like you're placing an order; I'm also talking about listening prayer. Take time with Him to learn what that means for you.

    4. Become active in a club of your own interest. Don't limit yourself. While campus ministries are great, and I was a part of a few for my first two years and i met amazing people through them, I also found that it was important to God that I branch out and bring Christ into other organizations that were not religious in nature. You can be a light in the darkness without compromising yourself. If you have an interest in something, ANYTHING, try it out. You're young and you're about to have a lot of freedom to try out as many new things as you can handle. I say go for it! ;)

    5. Stay pure. If that is what you want for you and your future spouse and you believe it is what God wants for you, then just do it! Don't make up excuses or make compromises. It's not impossible to remain a virgin throughout your college years,and if it's what you want and you maintain it, be proud of yourself. But don't forget to pray for God's strength in that area, because the temptation will likely come.

    Don't forget God's grace or the gospel. Look for Him everyday, and He will bless you for passionately seeking Him out.
  13. cre8087

    cre8087 Newbie

    It can definitely be a struggle, I know this from personal experience but I'd suggest joining a bible club or a church club and attending church services regularly, don't hang out with the party animals
  14. PhileoBildad

    PhileoBildad Newbie

    Along with what everyone else has said, I would encourage you to find Christian friends first! I think it is super important to form relationships with people who aren't Christians. God can do great things. BUT if thats all you have, you will drown. Make it a point to make Christian friends first. Maybe focus on that your first semester. Make Christian friends, get involved with a church and bible study. And then the following semester, branch out and join clubs and make other new friends while keeping the others intact. This way, even if you start to lose yourself, there will be others there to pull to back from the fire ;)

    Also. Stay away from parties. Period.
  15. Interest7

    Interest7 Newbie

    Calvary Chapel
    "The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."

    -Friedrich Nietzsche
    The world needs more people like you and I. Stand Fast, stand strong, stand together.