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God's Voice

Discussion in 'Daily Devotionals' started by julytwosix, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. julytwosix

    julytwosix New Member

    Voices, I was just tired of hearing voices. I was caught in the lies that the world hands out, and I fell right into where satan wanted me to be. I was lost in a world filled with nothing but misery. I did not forge this tormenting environment nor did I condone it, yet I was a contributor to my own unhappiness. I allowed myself to lose a grip on reality and fall quite short of God's forgiveness. Unfortunately, at the time, I did not want any one to tell me that I was facing my own destruction. You see, when finding yourself in a hole, the faith that is needed to follow God can only be found by listening. You have to want to listen to God and even to those who love you. As is stated in Proverbs 27:17, "as iron sharpens iron, so one may sharpens another." No one person alone can overcome the unthinkable pangs that society forces us to face. It must be understood that the spirituality of one person can hinge upon how he reacts to those who attempt to help. Jesus attempted to help His own hometown, in Matthew 13:53-58, and was looked upon unfavorably. By turning their back on their Saviour they caused themselves to look to the Pharisees for their answers. The step that they took was in reality, a "closing" of their eyes to the hard truth that Jesus was setting forth. Jesus did not show the citizens of His town His Fathers Glory because of their lack of faith, and their refusal to listen. Feeling alone and helpless can only lead to death, spiritual death, if not treated with Christian Love. Christian Love is found in all who truly believe in Christ as God's Son. Whenever a person feels alone it is Christ's love that is there to literally pick us up. He does not want us to feel afraid, alone, or rejected. He has taken us into Himself, and He will never let us go. That is His promise, not mine. I also want to encourage anyone who has helped another in need, never loose the ability to care. God bestows many gifts to mankind, and what a great insult to God to refuse to use those gifts, "for God's giftsÂ…are irrevocable," Romans 11:29.
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  2. altya

    altya Servant of God

    These words of yours have carried me through many difficult times. Thanks for posting this short testimony and encouragement
  3. carmen

    carmen Active Member

    Yes never lose the ability to care. What powerful words. They really speak to me. No matter how other's treat me, no matter what happen's . Cultivating the ability to care, loving with the compassion of Jesus is so important and should be guarded over with great important. yes watching never to lose the ability to care. Thanks for the post.
  4. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    Yes, You hit the nail on the head JTS! There is a great closing of the eyes to the hard Truths of Christ. That is a great problem in the Church today and among believers in general.

    When Pastors preach the hard Truths of Christ they are very often asked to take the message elsewhere. When you speak the Words of Christ you are accused of everything but speaking Truth.

    Nevertheless His Word will not go out and return void. So we must continue to put out His Word no matter what the consequence.
  5. Gerry

    Gerry Jesus Paid It All

    Today there are many voices shouting at us. Overiding many times the voices we should be hearing. But as Christians we should be able to discern which of these voices are ones who waste our time. We can insure this best by staying in the Word and training ourselves to hear the voice of God!
  6. GraftMeIn

    GraftMeIn The Masters Gardener

    Yes we must always be willing, and open to hearing Gods voice, and be leary of what others tell us. We must welcome correction with open arms and be thankful for it. May we always seek our guidance from the Lord instead of from others.