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God's Grace vs Discipleship.

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by Sidon, May 20, 2021.

  1. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Notice that Grace, regarding Christianity, is something that God provides for free that only God can provide.
    Grace is always a GIFT from God.

    Here are 2.

    1. The GIFT of Salvation.
    2. The GIFT of Righteousness.

    Now lets expand more of the terms that are all the MERCY of GOD as found in God's GRACE.

    1. Eternal life
    2. The Blood Atonement
    3. Reconciliation to God.
    4. The CROSS of Christ
    5. Justification by Faith.
    6. Sanctification
    7. Redemption
    8. Born Gain, as The New Birth
    9. Being IN Christ
    10, Being "One With God".

    Now see those?
    How many of those can you do?
    How many of those, ....can you do for yourself?

    A.) ZERO

    So, all that is GOD's Part.
    See that?
    God's part is all that you can't do by SELF Effort.
    God's part is what saves you, and your part is to be saved by God.

    What do you call all this that God provides? .... You call it SALVATION and GOD's GRACE.

    Its ALL that YOU CAN'T Do for yourself.

    Now, anything you can do, as a believer, is YOUR PART., and you do it not to be saved, but because you already are, if you are not just water baptized, and are in fact Born Again.
    And all that you just read in my list, is NOT your part, so, we define all THAT as GOD's GRACE, or : SALVATION.

    See it?

    Now, your part., what is that? As your part follows being Saved. It comes AFTER you are born again.
    You are to live a good clean holy life, presenting your body...."AS a living Sacrifice."
    And you do this, BECAUSE you HAVE Salvation, already.
    So, God provided Salvation , which is that upper list....and you can't cause any of that, as that is GOD's GRACE and GOD's Mercy, and God's Power, and God's GIFT.

    So what we understand is that God's part, is not our part.
    God's part is to supply all that WE can't do, of ourselves, like being SAVED.... Like being "made righteous", like being given the Holy Spirit, like being given Eternal life.

    What we do, after we have God's Salvation..... is supply our DISCIPLESHIP, which is our self effort part.
    And we supply this BECAUSE WE ARE ALREADY SUPPLIED GOD's Salvation. (Born Again).

    See it?

    He did that Part, God supplied our SALVATION....and we then work on our discipleship BECAUSE He has ALREADY given us all that IS OUR SALVATION, as "the GIFT of Salvation"
    Last edited: May 20, 2021
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  2. TzephanYahu

    TzephanYahu Active Member

    United Kingdom
    May I ask what your definition of a "clean holy life" is? And what is the Bible's definition of "clean" and "holy" living?
  3. SongOnTheWind

    SongOnTheWind Well-Known Member

    United Kingdom
    I see it :)
    And yes, we definitely have our part to do. But how great God's love is for us! That He would do all this not only to reconcile us back to Himself, but to make us sons, and kings, and priests, and heirs of His kingdom.

    By God's grace, we prevail!
  4. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States

    Here is the issue that all humans have when talking about holiness.

    God is Holy.
    His Holiness would make the sun seem like an ice cube, with regards to HEAT.

    WE, the humans, the created, are fallen, we have sinned, and we have no righteousness.
    So, of ourselves, we are UNHOLY, and can't change this...
    Water baptism, going to church, tithing, reading the bible, giving to the poor, ... keeping commandments, dying as a martyr......none of this will make you holy.

    God, who is Holy, and Heaven which is Holy, does not fellowship with unholiness.
    Sin does not enter into heaven.
    Sin was found in LUCIFER, and he was CAST OUT.
    If its found in us after we die, we will be CAST OUT.
    So, God came down here, as Jesus THE Christ, and shed GOD's BLood, to redeem unholy people.
    =To Make us RIGHTEOUS., and there is no other way to be righteous, then to receive "the gift of Righteousness" from God.
    This is SALVATION.
    This is BORN AGAIN.

    See, Its only by the sacrifice of God's Blood that we find GOD's Holiness, as ours.

    So, we are to never consider that we can be holy, of ourselves.
    All our good deeds, as compared to GOD.........just think about that....
    What can we offer, that could possibly equal the BLOOD OF GOD, or the Holiness of God. ?

    A.) NOTHING.

    So, thats the only answer.
    We go to heaven, because GOD has made us righteous with the BLood of Christ.
    There is no..>"well, im pretty good".. "Im trying to be good", that God is going to Accept.

    God accepts His OWN HOLINESS, or "the righteousness OF GOD.......IN CHRIST">
    That's what He accepts to accept us., and if we don't have that "gift of righteousness", then we will go to hell when we die.
    Thats a promise.
    Jesus said.>"you MUST be born again"..>"must".
    And He's not kidding.
  5. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Yes, amen.

    God sent His only Son to create many more Sons.
    God is love.
  6. Butterball1

    Butterball1 Well-Known Member

    United States
    The issue is out of the 10 things cited above, how is it determined who will and will not be recipients of these 10 things? Does one person receive the 10 things and another not due to randomensss? No. Are these 10 things received by one person and not another due to reasons unknown? No. Does one receive these 10 things UNconditionally, regardless of how one lives? No.

    The only people to receive the benefit of 10 things from God are those who choose to obey the will of God. So man does have a role in his own salvation. God's role in man's salvation was to provide, make available these 10 things to man. Man's role to receive the benefit of those 10 things is to obey God. So even though I cannot provide those 10 things by myself for myself, I must do something (obey God) to be a recipient of the benefit of these 10 things. Saving grace is a gift but not an unconditional gift.
    Last edited: May 21, 2021
  7. Butterball1

    Butterball1 Well-Known Member

    United States
    Leviticus 20:7; 1 Peter 1:15-16; 2 Peter 3:11 man is not completely passive when it comes to being holy, being holy depends on how one lives. To be holy one must live accoding to God's word therefore doing as God says (water baptism, going to church, etc) are necessary for one to be holy. For it is IMPOSSIBLE to be holy while living in defiant disobedeience to God's will.

    "Notice that ‘holiness’ isn’t something mysterious wrought upon the individual. We are commanded to ‘be’ holy." Dunagan's Comm. on 1 Peter.
    The command to man to be holy implies that man has both ability and responsibility to live a life whereby God would see one as being holy.