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God makes us sin.

Discussion in 'Spirit-Filled / Charismatic' started by Messy, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Faulty

    Faulty bind on pick up Supporter


    The difference there is that the angels started out holy and chose to fall. They start out 'good' and can become 'bad'.

    We start out in sin and at war with God, and we are able to be reconciled to God. We start out 'bad' and can become 'good'.

    In other words, both of us have a right standing with God available to us.
  2. Bob Carabbio

    Bob Carabbio Old guy -

    United States
    So there is this preacher Jim Brown and he has this very confronting doctrine that God uses the Devil to shape people according to His will.

    That's the "Book of Job 101". God gave satan specific access to Job, to reach the problems that JOb had, and needed to repent of.

    One of the ways He does this is by causing Sin.

    It would be Biblically inconsistent for God to cause a person to SIN. James covers that issue. We're perfectly capable of causing ourselves to SIN.

    He hardened the heart of Pharao.

    Or MAYBE - he actually "Softened" Pharaoh's heart, and then stopped softening it and allowed it to resume it's Normal state of rebellion.

    Sounds like this "Brown Clown" is somebody to avoid.
  3. x141

    x141 ...

    A seed must fall to the ground or it abides alone, it is a principle laid down by God as a picture of a truth that has no end to it, the beginning and the end being the same.

    We don't understand yet what our relationship is to the creation we live in, which includes all things, as a son inherits all things the father has. Paul understood that when the manifestation happened of the truth that we are, creation would be set free entering into this same liberty of who we are, even as we enter into the liberty of Christ as Christ is in the Father, in this same liberty of one glory, which is a glory that always was, only limited to us by our own soul, and the soul of all collectively, being that we all collectively reveal God as one son (types and pictures of a truth that has no end to it's increase though it changes not, being God). When we measure God with our thoughts, we measure our self. God is not separate from his creation, his creation is in him as he is in his creation. Jesus new this to be the truth of the life that he was granted of the father. He new that the son of man was the son of God. So the form the temptation took towards him was to prove that he was. It was still eating of the tree but not to become like God, but prove that he was God.

    We must separate the doctrines of men, or of the earth that labors to bring forth from the language of God, but to understand this language we must forsake all things that are without us, even as our Father did, finding no truth outside of himself.
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