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God healed me of Depression!!!!!

Discussion in 'Depression Disorders' started by Annner, Mar 19, 2021.

  1. Annner

    Annner Newbie

    I cannot tell you how thankful i am. My words cannot express my gratitude to God.
    I had depression/oppression for over 30 years and cried out, whimpered, sobbed, complained and had so so many pray for me. Yet there seemed to be no answer which made me even more depressed. God was my only hope and i knew he was a Savior and Deliverer, but i couldnt understand why i was going through this and kept getting no answer. My heart was breaking.

    This awful feeling seemed to have a grip on me convincing me there was no way out. The thoughts and feelings overwhelmed me as i felt powerless and helpless. But the Lord showed me this one scripture as i was whimpering for Him to save me....

    2 Timothy 1.7 God has not given us a spirit of fear, but HE HAS GIVEN US A SPIRIT OF POWER...of love and a SOUND MIND.

    The lights went on. GOD HAS GIVEN ME A SPIRIT OF POWER! I began to repeat it with all my heart. Now I KNEW I had power, power over this awful heavy feeling that plagued me for years. I no longer HOPED, I KNEW.

    GOD HAS GIVEN ME A SPIRIT OF POWER! OF POWER! It dawned on me why i was getting no answer all this time.....because He ALREADY GAVE IT TO ME. The Holy Spirit!
    It was like pleading or begging God to forgive my sins....as if to say, oh please God, wont u forgive me. But we know He already forgave my sins at the cross and all i had to do was believe it and know it. In the same way he showed me,,,,,I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN YOU the Spirit of power.
    So i realized i have all the power i need right now....its MEEEEEE who has the power of God!
    i was instantly set free. Theres nothing and no one stronger than the power of Gods Spirit.

    Here i was begging and whining and complaining all those years wondering where God was. He showed me other scriptures about His Promise of the Holy Spirit......

    - Wait in Jerusalem until you are clothed with POWER FROM ON HIGH.

    - You shall receive POWER after the Holy Ghost is come upon on.

    - Wait for the Promise of the Father which you have heard me speak of.

    - Be baptized and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Promise is to you, your children and all who are far off.

    He showed me also Colossians 1, he HAS DELIVERED us from the power of darkness....past tense, already done.

    Here i was so pitiful, trying to talk God into delivering me, wondering when His Power would show up, wondering where His Spirit was. He showed me, I ALREADY GAVE YOU MY SPIRIT.
    The moment i realized I HAVE A SPIRIT OF POWER, and began to quote the verse 2 Timothy 1.7 aloud with all my heart, KNOWING i had his power, THATS the moment i was set free.

    And i was finally free after a desperate 30 years.
    I will never ever forget this. If those thoughts ever try to come around again, I will bomb them like a bazooka with the Word of God,,,,because now i no longer “hope” for The Power of His Spirit.....i now KNOW i HAVE IT.

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  2. splish- splash

    splish- splash Now, here's the deal (by His word). Supporter

    United Kingdom
    :dead::tearsofjoy:! I love that; you'll bomb them like a bazooka in Jesus' name Amen.

    Always identify yourself with what God says/who He says you are and you will forever be above the enemy.. Remember, God is His Word.
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  3. Annner

    Annner Newbie

    Thats interesting.....God is His Word. Ive heard the Word was God from Johns gospel, but that caught my attention when you wrote it....God is His Word.
  4. Jeshu

    Jeshu Bought by His Blood Supporter

    So good to hear this testimony from you, my heart rejoices that you would give Jesus the honour and glory of getting over your depression. God's love is better than life.

    Jesus saved me out of the pit as well, and even though depressive bouts keep coming, for i have a depressive illness, i know my safety getting through that lays in believing His word and let it fight for me.

    Blessings your way.
  5. Annner

    Annner Newbie

    Jeshu, good for you. He is so awesome.
    This was my typical prayer and his final response....

    ME.....sniffling, blathering, moaning, begging, pleading for help over the depression exerting its power over me.

    2 Timothy 1:7

    i had been pleading pleading for him to do something, not realizing he ALREADY DID IT. I already had all the power I needed by His Spirit dwelling in me.
    No wonder i got no answer for years on end.
  6. Orchardllc

    Orchardllc New Member Supporter

    United States
    Being very human, I have needed reminders of what you have learned. Other than God's word, I have found that another book, "The Bondage Breaker" by Neil Anderson is very helpful to me, reminding me of who I already am as a born again believer of Jesus.
  7. Annner

    Annner Newbie

    Thats what i needed,,,,to KNOW who I am in Christ. I had been getting tossed around like a rag with unsureness, doubt, fear, wavering. The word says, He HAS given all things we need that pertain to life and godliness. All along, God wasnt withholding anything from me. I just didnt understand what He had already given me.
    And no more “hoping”....its not about hoping, its about KNOWING. Love that.

    You shall KNOW the truth, and the truth shall set you free.