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God and the end of the age

Discussion in 'Spiritual Gifts' started by FutureAndAHope, May 16, 2019.

  1. FutureAndAHope

    FutureAndAHope Just me Supporter

    Here in Australia it is getting to the point that politicians are actively pulling down the truth of the bible. Saying that Gays will not go to hell, and actively condemning any politician or person who opposes this. This troubled me, for I could see a strong antichrist attitude arising. It is interesting that the actual antichrist as described in the bible is said to "not regard the desire of woman", i.e. possibly gay.

    I began to be troubled in Spirit, knowing that Jesus said that when we see the antichrist, saying he is God, and in high esteem that we should flee for our lives. Not that the antichrist is here quite yet. But the idea of the antichrist worried me for I live in a city and fleeing from a city when he arises would not be practical. So I sought God and asked him if I should prepare myself for the rise of the antichrist by downsizing, and moving to a more remote area, so when he arises I could safely exit my family.

    You may be surprised at what happened. God confirmed through both of the methods that I normally use to seek him, that I should indeed down size and prepare.

    The two signs were: First I asked God if he would tell me if I should move. He told me "yes prepare", I then needed further confirmation. So I asked him to either open up the bible to the verse about "I will not move unless you go with us" - from Moses, if he did not want me to move, but if he did want me to move and prepare, to open up the bible to the verse where "David heard a voice in the trees and moved". I opened up my online bible, shut my eyes, and quickly and randomly choose a book, not looking at what I was choosing, then randomly choose a verse and when I looked again at the page it had opened to the verse about David hearing a voice in the trees to move. So I believe God is wanting me to prepare myself for the coming of the antichrist, by moving to a more remote location.

    I will be telling my wife this on the weekend, so please pray that she will be open to it. For it is a big move. But I believe it is necessary.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
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  2. Lost4words

    Lost4words In reality, an old dog! Supporter

    United Kingdom
    Not sure if it is right to test God. To ask Him to prove one way or another via scripture etc.

    Could it also be true that the evil one can trick someone by giving false directions / hope?

    End of age will come for everyone at the point of death.
  3. Jonathan Walkerin

    Jonathan Walkerin Well-Known Member

    Interesting. Do keep us posted while you still have electricity available.
  4. Danielwright2311

    Danielwright2311 Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Now that you bring it up.

    There is no other reason to say he has not regard the desire of woman unless he is gay.

    To desire a woman is sexual, so, there you have it.

    Unless, you don't desire any one, but why bring it up at all then?