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Glad this month is over

Discussion in 'Cardiology & Blood Pressure Issues' started by beaverpond, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. beaverpond

    beaverpond Well-Known Member

    This has been a rough month in our family. My father-in-law had a heart attack on the 18th, my sister-in-law was in an auto accident on the same day, my wife's cousin also had some heart related issues that landed the three of them of them in the same hospital.

    Later that week my Mom went in for knee replacement surgery and she too had some heart related issues, but they were able to stabilize her and continue with the surgery. This is the second attempt they have made with this surgery. The last time was back in February and my Mom had a heart attack back then. So they were watching her very closely this time for any issues, any at all.

    That same week, somebody ran into my truck causing a few thousand in damage. Not enough video to see who they were or identify who they were.

    My sister-in-law was with her parents during the accident. Her Mom was just a little sore, she had a stiff neck, and her Dad ended up with a dislocated shoulder.

    My father-in-law is doing better, still waiting on some of the test results from this week. He is on some restrictions. No heavy lifting and things of such. The Pastor of my church and myself split 3 cords of wood for them this week in 9 hours using Pastor's gas powered wood splitter.

    My Mom came home two days ago, but she is having a lot of difficulty getting around. My Dad is there in the mornings, my nephew is there in the afternoons, they also have visiting nurses stopping in daily and physical therapists as well. Fortunately they have a porch that goes 3/4 the way around their house with no stairs, so she can get out and walk...slowly at that.

    My truck...well, fighting the insurance company...don't we all.
  2. Senator Cheese

    Senator Cheese Master of Cheese

    In Relationship
    I'm very sad to hear that and I hope that things will resolve in the best way possible. Bad luck really does have a nack of sneaking up in groups. Just know that you'll get through it somehow, even if the skies are dark today. I hope for the best of health for your family and that you're compensated for your damages somehow.

  3. rainbowpromise

    rainbowpromise Senior Contributor

    I hope things level out for you in the near future. God will bring you through this.