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Girl says Florida school threatening expulsion over her ‘natural hair’

Discussion in 'News & Current Events (Articles Required)' started by Billnew, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Dusky Mouse

    Dusky Mouse Cats Are In Charge ~ Accept It!

    I have no idea why you would think your life story has any relevance whatsoever to this young woman.

    We glean how the rebuke was worded from her reports about it.
    I'm not one to call her a liar.

    When her hair presently styled as pictured is decreed a distraction we do know that a black girls natural hair is declared a distraction for appearing as is.
    It's not presumptuous. It's a fact the school made public.
    It's important not to make excuses for a school that targets a child and her natural hair.
  2. RDKirk

    RDKirk Alien, Pilgrim, and Sojourner Supporter

    I've been in those situations before--and back when a complaint of "racism" was just met with "So?"

    I'm not calling her a liar, I'm saying she could be an "unreliable reporter." That happens almost all the time when you're getting a "he said/she said" from any person. That's why you always need cross-testimony to really know the truth. Even the bible requires two or three witnesses to bear out a fact, so what I'm saying is a truth known that long.

    No, we only know that particular natural style appears to be considered a distraction.

    We don't know about this style, or this style, or this style, or maybe this style, for instances.

    "Targets a child" is certainly an emotionally charged choice of words, but what it really is is a matter of "appearance not in keeping with the image of the school," and there is no evidence that there is no natural hair style that would be in keeping with the image of the school.
  3. Supreme

    Supreme British

    He hair is awesome. That said, it's the school's rules. Private schools have a lot of autonomy regarding their uniform standards. And if the girl doesn't want to abide by those standards, then the school has a right to take action.

    School rules are usually illogical and restrictive, but that's life, m'afraid.
  4. seashale76

    seashale76 Orthodox Christian and Unapologetic Iconodule

    Eastern Orthodox
    I was a teacher for longer than I care to recall. Teachers should have their own set of rules and dress code to follow. It shouldn't be the same as the student dress code- but it also shouldn't be extremely liberal and devil may care either. A lack of standards for teachers in this regard has become a real problem. Teachers should dress professionally and that should be defined for them because some really have no clue. Believe me- I've had co-workers who have worn Grateful Dead t-shirts and shorts to work on a regular basis. My principal used to wear sweats almost every day. The only time he'd dress up is if he knew the Assistant Superintendent, the Superintendent, or other people who had direct control over him were going to come visit. I was once told that I was making others look bad because I wore professional clothing and skirts to work. My response? 'Good.'

    Also- for example- I'd never chew gum at work considering the kids weren't allowed to. There wasn't a rule saying teachers couldn't chew gum- but it would have been rubbing it in and would have been mean spirited to chew gum when they couldn't. A student is not going to respect a teacher telling them to spit out gum when the teacher is chewing a big wad.
  5. Ana the Ist

    Ana the Ist Aggressively serene!

    United States
    I wasn't aware that the school asked the girl to straighten her hair. I was under the impression that the size of the hair was the issue. It's something that would apply to the white girl students as well. There are many "big hair" hairstyles that girls are using these days that would likely get the same reaction soon the school.
  6. keith99

    keith99 sola dosis facit venenum

    If ther is a difference in the dress code the one for teachers should be more professionals. I was tempted to say stricter, but that technically is not correct if the school has uniforms.
  7. TheDag

    TheDag I don't like titles

    Sorry was on my mobile so didn't give all details. The reason for the policy was that it is a poor reflection on the school if a student dyes their hair. Well the principle is the face of the school in many cases who is actively involved in getting community support so she should not have dyed her hair. If it had at least been a natural colour that would have been acceptable. It was not a natural colour.

    when the school claims it is all about looking professional and claims having coloured hair is unprofessional then yes the teacher should follow those rules because as the main representative of the school she looks unprofessional. Admittedly I did not include this information in my previous posts. I will say that when I was doing some teaching the only rule students had to follow that staff didn't was No mobile phones during class time. That was explained up front that teachers would not be expected to follow that rule.
  8. BlunderAngel

    BlunderAngel Well-Known Member

    I agree. It's racist.
    Hair isn't a distraction. Bad teaching is.

    Anything can be labeled a distraction. A beautiful girl or a very handsome boy can be a distraction. What's then to happen?
    Labeling this little girls hair a distraction is saying that people are staring at her because she is black and has a natural Afro.
    Therefore, in truth, racism is a distraction.

    Hopefully this article will get enough attention that the school is made aware of that.

    This little girl deserves a quality education. Which won't be found at this institution.
  9. RDKirk

    RDKirk Alien, Pilgrim, and Sojourner Supporter

    We don't know how that conversation went. We don't know what was actually said, what was suggested, what was implied, what was nuanced, or what was presumed to have been any of those.

    If I remember correctly, the Salem witch trials began with the accusations of a 14-year-old girl.
  10. Dusky Mouse

    Dusky Mouse Cats Are In Charge ~ Accept It!

    Actually they told her to cut her hair or be expelled.
    But now they're backing down. :thumbsup:

    Update: African-American girl won't face expulsion over 'natural hair'

    Vanessa VanDyke told to cut hair or leave Faith Christian Academy

    ORLANDO, Fla. -
    A Central Florida teen told Local 6 on Monday she faced expulsion because administrators at her private school wanted her to cut and shape her hair. But a day later, administrators appeared to have changed their mind, saying she will not be expelled.