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Girl knees boy in crotch during anti-trans Snapchat 'protest'

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by SummerMadness, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. SummerMadness

    SummerMadness Senior Veteran

    Girl expelled for kneeing boy in crotch during anti-trans Snapchat ‘protest’, family says
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  2. GoldenBoy89

    GoldenBoy89 We're Still Here

    Sounds like the problem resolved itself.
  3. yeshuaslavejeff

    yeshuaslavejeff simple truth, martyr, disciple of Yahshua

    Not at all.

    THe selfish 'proud' one trying to show off that started it is still permitted to continue probably without being told what is wrong.
  4. SeventyOne

    SeventyOne Well-Known Member

    United States
    Calvary Chapel
    So, girl walks into the boys room, boys walk into girls room as a response, and only one side gets assaulted.
  5. dzheremi

    dzheremi Coptic Orthodox non-Egyptian

    Oriental Orthodox
    I don't condone what the boys did, but I do wonder if they would have even bothered to try to pull such a stunt if the atmosphere of "everyone use whichever bathroom they feel most comfortable in" hadn't already been in play at the school. I'm going to guess that this message made the boys think that their stunt would be an appropriate response to the 'offending' snapchat picture, even though the response they got showed that it obviously wasn't.

    This must be such a confusing time to be a teenager. I have two people in my personal life who have struggled with transgender issues (one of which had surgery to present themselves as the sex they feel they are), so I try to be sensitive to that in any case, but at the same time I must be honest and say that I am glad that none of this existed when I was a teenager (which was not that long ago; I am only in my late 30s).

    I hate to sound like an old man, but maybe things are changing too fast (socially/attitude-wise), and it is causing this kind of friction to reappear in various guises. It doesn't seem like many people are stopping to think whether or not it is actually a good idea to have a policy that is very 'loose' about bathroom usage, perhaps in fear that raising any question might get them labeled a 'transphobe' or some other neologism. I don't know if wanting to prevent situations like this one warrants that label. My gut says no, but again, this is a world I cannot even begin to relate to.
  6. Epthediah

    Epthediah Watching scary movies.

    United States
    Slow news day. "Man gives other man wedgie, more at 11."
  7. TuxAme

    TuxAme Quis ut Deus? Supporter

    United States
    Sad that violence is seen as an appropriate response to protest.
  8. OldWiseGuy

    OldWiseGuy Wake me when it's soup. Supporter

    United States
    I wonder if the various abnormal people have problems with each other regarding going to the bathroom. For example would a hermaphrodite object if a trans wanted to share their bathroom, and so forth? Do we need to provide separate bathrooms for every abnormal gender? That could run into some money.
  9. rambot

    rambot Senior Member

    While I disagree with the boys reacting like that. I DO have a problem with anyone taking pictures in a bathroom. Period.

    I feel like an old fuddy duddy for saying it but yes, even in an empty bathroom; just doesn't suit the venue IMO....
  10. Tanj

    Tanj Redefined comfortable middle class

    What a fascinatingly complex moral and legal problem.
  11. Ana the Ist

    Ana the Ist Aggressively serene!

    United States
    I'm curious why? Generally speaking, I've seen a lot of support from the left regarding the ability to protest anywhere, at any time, regardless of the venue or who is using it at all that moment. I've even seen the justification that such protests are more effective.

    What was it about this one that rubbed you the wrong way?