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Geology challenge *repost*

Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution' started by Pete Harcoff, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Washington

    Washington Well-Known Member

  2. jashort

    jashort New Member

    I have a bs in geology, from the university of north carolina at charlotte. i am going to do my masters in stratigraphy, and that along with sedimentology was my emphasis in my undergrad. as both a christian and a geologist, i have seen the evidence. the simple truth is that the evidence points towards an old earth. this along with the subject of evolution are not against what the bible says. the interpretation that the bible says that the earth is young, or that evolution did not happen is simply that: interpretation.

    i have read that **** on the kjv explanation on the flood and all that. not being an expert by any means, but knowing enough to know what im looking at, their story is more than a little thin. they fail to take into account the simple stresses that the rocks would undergo for something to happen that quickly, along with the fact that we would see a major angular unconformity that dates back to the same time all over the world. if we had, then many geologists would be proclaiming it from the roof tops, because it would be a major find for scientific reasons. the things that they fail to take into account are learned in undergraduate structural geology and sedimentology. anyone who has taken these classes would be able to recognize the importance of these things. i would encourage any of my fellow brothers and sisters who believe that **** to examine exactly what they are saying. these guys are very articulate and good writers, but what they say is simply wrong.