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From the Fall to " Reconciled "in Christ"

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by Sidon, Jul 16, 2021.

  1. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Let me show a way to perfectly SEE salvation. = "born again".

    The reason this is so so so important, is because until you SEE what God has recreated you to be, as a "new Creation" "In Christ", you wont be able to live in the power of God that is your deliverance as : "Christ always GIVES ME.......the Victory", which is the Grace of God.

    What this means, is that most believers, the born again, who don't live in this truth as their real faith, found as the power of God's deliverance OVER "the world , their flesh, and the devil", are not in the renewed mind and are a confused disciple because they are walking "according to the Flesh", (carnal mind) instead of walking under the dominion of GRACE, where THE "victory" is only found, as the renewed mind.

    So, let me show you a 2nd perfect way to see yourself as the "new Creation", "born again".

    Saint, all things with God are...>"BELIEVE and RECEIVE".
    All things with God are given to us., as a "gift"

    Notice.... Salvation is : "The Gift of Salvation".
    Righteousness is : "The Gift of Righteousness".
    The 9 Heavenly anointing's, are : "Spiritual Gifts".

    Nothing God offers that exists as The Kingdom of God, is earned. Its all a Gift.

    Even Jesus, is the Gift of God, who is : "the only begotten SON", who came here because "for God so loved the world .....that HE GAVE"..
    See that?....... John 3:16

    Now let me now show you a perfect way to SEE your Salvation, that God has provided to you as the CROSS of Christ, which is: "the GIFT of Salvation".

    In Genesis, you have God creating man as : "in our Image".
    1st "Adam".
    So, The OT says that Adam had perfect fellowship/relationship/peace, with God.
    So, why didn't Satan?
    Why didn't the devil?
    Because Satan was not righteous, he had SIN.
    Whereas 1st Adam, was the "image" or Likeness of God, Spiritually, = as God is "A" Spirit.
    So, the same "A" Spirit that was in 1st Adam, is the Holy Spirit, that is the exact Spirit of God, and is HOLY = Righteous.....sinless.
    So, for as long as Adam was exactly like that, Spiritually, He had infinite and perfect relationship, fellowship, and PEACE, with God.

    See that?

    Adam had God's "likeness" which is : the righteousness of God. This is the same SPIRIT that God Has,.... 1st Adam had, then lost.
    So, while He had that "A" Spirit......He had UNION of SPIRIT with God, as both had the same Spirit, = The Holy Spirit.
    See that relationship = IN THE Spirit? That is "Spiritual UNION".

    When Adam sinned, then all this was LOST. Spiritual union was broken.
    And once lost, once broken.... then all Spiritual relationship with God was gone, as Adam's Spirit DIED because of his disobedience, so the relationship that was shared between God and 1st Adam was cut off, was disconnected, was dead. 1st Adam became separated from God's Holy Spirit.
    That is what is meant by "dead" or "In Adam all die". 1st Corinthians 15

    Now, what God did to resolve your separation from His Holy Spirit, (because you have sinned), was come here as the 2nd Adam, with the same holiness, righteousness, and Holy SPIRIT.
    This is offered to you, as a "Gift".
    This is what Jesus is talking about when He says dying on The Cross....."it is Finished".
    This is the completion of what Jesus had to do, so that God could offer you the only way to become reconciled to God. John 14:6

    Salvation is the 2nd Adam, JESUS..... offering you this same righteousness as He IS, that you become, = Spiritually, ....that is the "new birth", and the "new Creation". "In Christ".

    Salvation, is Jesus as the 2nd Adam, giving Eternal LIFE to your dead Spirit, as Himself the Spirit of God, living in you as "Christ IN YOU, the hope of Glory".
    When this happens, you have become born again SPIRITUALLY< as a "Son of God", exactly as 1st Adam was before he sinned and lost this position, and relationship, and Sonship.

    See that?

    See that "reconciliation" that God provides to you as "the gift of Salvation"?
    The born again
    are restored to the same SPIRITUAL relationship that 1st Adam had with God before he lost it.
    We get this "gift" because we are become JOINED to the 2nd Adam, as who we become as "the New Creation", "born again"..."In Christ".
    To be "Made Righteous", is to be restored to the same state of righteousness, that 1st Adam had before He fell.
    This is accomplished as "eternal life", which is the 2nd Adam, Jesus, coming to live inside our Spirit that causes it to be born again, as "ONE WITH GOD, in Christ".
    This is Salvation, and its a "Gift".
    That is who you become, as "born again".
    That is who you are as "the new Creation" "in Christ".
    That is what it means to be "born again" SPIRITUALLY.
    That is what John is talking about in : 1 John 3:9
    That is your dead Spirit, being rebirthed by God's Holy Spirit, as "" Christ in You".. which becomes YOU....as the Born again "new Creation" "In Christ".
    This is all the born again who have become..."The Righteousness of GOD, In Christ".

    This is YOUR Born again SPIRIT, become "= One with God, IN Christ".
    This is your Eternal LIFE.
    This is the GIFT of Salvation.

    That is who you have become as a "SON of God", ...as the "new CREATION IN Christ, when you become a CHRISTian.....
    See it?
    That is what it means to become 'ONE with God", "IN Christ".
    That is now who you have been Spiritually BIRTHED to be, as born again INTO GOD's Spirit, by the Holy Spirit of God. = "new CREATION...In Christ".

    This is why the born again become a "SON" of God., as Born AGAIN...as "ONE with GOD, In Christ".
    This is why Paul teaches you that .."As Jesus IS, so are the born again ...IN THIS WORLD">.
    See that?

    When you can see it, when you get this revelation.... and know this is the real you as the "born again"...."NEW CREATION" "IN CHRIST">.. then your mind is renewed and you are "walking IN The Spirit".
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