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friend needed

Discussion in 'Friendship Court' started by NeedFriend, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. NeedFriend

    NeedFriend New Member

    Iam looking for christian friends male or female for everlasting friendship to share everyday life and also the word of God.Iam seperated with 2kids in early 30's from the country India and going through heartache,pain,grief etc.so it would be nice if i get spiritual friends worldwide.i love to Instant message as i have yahoo,hotmail and aol messenger.Bye
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    HOLYROLLER71 Well-Known Member

    Hi,I'm 35,I have 2 kids daughter 14,and a son who is 13.My son lives with me and my daughter lives with her grandmother,I'm also single,I'd be happy to talk with you,PM me anytime,God bless.
  3. joyouspirit

    joyouspirit I love my mikey!

    hello there! Just pm if you need to talk to someone. God bless! :wave:
  4. gratefulgrace

    gratefulgrace Contributor

    Hi Need A Friend
    I am sorry about the troubles you are going through. It can't be easy being on your own with little kids. I am older than you and my kids are pretty much grown up now but still hanging out at home. one of them is disabled so has an excuse the others well I guess I will be a mom forever. If you want to chat just PM ok. Blessings.
  5. northerngent

    northerngent New Member

    Hello - I am a Canadian male, and I would love to chat with you and be your email friend
  6. SAHM2005

    SAHM2005 New Member

    Hello NeedFriend! I'm a female looking for lasting friendships as well. I'm married with 1 daughter presently. I'm 26 and live in the United States. I sometimes use Instant Messenger, but enjoy emailing even more.

    God bless,

  7. lady4theallmighty

    lady4theallmighty Regular Member

    Hello, it looks like you've had many responses and I hope that by now you've found some lasting pals! I would welcome a new pal if you'd like PM me. I do have Yahoo IM. Have a blessed evening!
  8. georgie2319

    georgie2319 Member

    hello i am 25 married and have been for two years i ve got msn if u wish to be firends just add me. Hope u find what ur looking for if u want a chat at anytime feel free to pm me.
    I dont have kids but i feel that ive experianced alot. read profile. ok ciao and god bless u from ruth