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Found list of prophecies fulfilled since 1948

Discussion in 'Messianic Judaism' started by visionary, May 24, 2019.

  1. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    I think it is a pretty interesting list. You might be able to think of some others to add to the list.
    Some more Fulfilled Prophecies: 1948 & Beyond
    54 prophecies fulfilled in 60 years (Dr. Ken Johnson)
    10 Prophecies Fulfilled in 1948
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  2. miamited

    miamited Ted Supporter

    United States
    Hi visionary,

    Yes, God's word is true.

    God bless you,
    In Christ, ted
  3. Laureate

    Laureate whatisthebaytreeknown4? What's debate reknown for?

    Revelations 8:08
    A Great Mountain Burning with Fire was Cast into the Sea....

    In the 808 district (the הוהי Hawaiian islands) the earth's tallest Mountain and most active Volcano has been Casting her Theon into the Sea since 1983.

    Located antipode to the Great Mountain Burning with Fire which Môsʰéʰ was called up into, where the Sovereign Author of Heaven and Earth resided as El Shadai (lit., The Sovereign Clump of Earth, aka The Mountain of Mountains, Many breasted One, etc.,);

    In Hebrew הוהי (Hawai'i) [lit., Existence] is the definitive of the name יהוה Yéhûʷəʰ [lit., י that which הוה is, י that which הוה was, and י that which הוה shall come to be, aka El Shadai (Revelations 1)].

    The Place Called by His Name, which Yéhûʷəʰ instructed the children of Îsʰrəél To Go in Deuteronomy 4 & 14, saying,

    ...Go (antipode) from one side of the earth unto the other, and ask if anyone has ever seen such a thing....,(a Great Mountain Burning with Fire where the Sovereign Author of Heaven and Earth was known to speak from the Fire).

    In Hawai'i the same Alôhâyîm is referred to as Péleʰ, i.e., the Stone which the Masons rejected, the same is פלא (péleʰ) Marvelous, Wonderful, etc., in our eyes.

    ....Go to the Place Called by His Name...., and if the Place be too Long, or too Far...then sell what you have and Go....

    The Kilauea caldera is located on Mauna Loa [lit., Long (Mountain)], on the Big island of Hawai'i, being both the Greatest Mountain on Earth, and the Most Remote (Set Apart) Place on earth.

    Thereby also fulfilling (in part) the prophecy of Zechariah where the same Sovereign Author declares he will be a Wall (Ring) of Fire round about, and the Glory in the midst of the Daughter of Zion, cautioning whomsoever touches her, touches the apple of His eye.

    When Japan touched her, in the attack of pearl harbor, Japan was devastated with atomic bombs.

    Revelations 12 also describes the Earth as a Woman with child, and on her head is a Crown of 12 Stars (Îsʰraəl), and antipode is where an eclipse of the Sun and Moon appears, where the Tail of the Tanah [Whale/Dragon], i.e., Alîyəʰûʷ [Elijah (lit., Rump, Tail of the Lamb) whom the hypocritical Priests called Beelzebub] sweeps one third [.333] of the 12 stars to be nurtured away from the (two thirds, .666) face of the Serpent.

    Thereby paving a way for the island prophecies of Isaiah to be fulfilled where the First Speaker of Zion [Father Abvraham] calls the inhabitants of the Earth to Come for Judgement and Rejuvenation at The Ends of the Earth, Hawai'i being the only habitable location where the East (actually) meets West, and the inhabitants of earth are known to come for rejuvenation.
  4. Laureate

    Laureate whatisthebaytreeknown4? What's debate reknown for?

    According to Daniel 2, Babylon is a string of Nations which in succession take turns exercising World Domination, the last of which (referred to as the Foot of Babylon) is a conglomerate of every nationality, where the mingled seed of Adam represent the Last Babylonian Nation, who are struck with a small Stone (evidently Cast) without hands, landing on their Foot.

    The Stone grows and becomes a Great Mountain where the Alôhâyîm of heaven and earth establishes a Kingdom for the Saints, which shall never be destroyed.

    A Volcano is not only a Mountain Burning with Fire, it is literally a Growing Stone.

    If we can all agree that 1) we are in the Last Days 2) the U.S. of A is a Nation comprising the Mingled seed of Adam 3) which exercises World Domination, then all one needs to do is acknowledge that at the Most southern Foot of the U.S. of A Stands the Last State of the Union;

    Then we can also acknowledge the partial fulfillment of the Daniel, Mica, and Isaiah Prophecies, which declare the Mountain House of Yéhûʷəʰ will be in the top of the highest mountains, and that the Kingdom Come, shall come to the Daughter of Zion who will be Delivered as a Woman with Child at Babylon.

    Where the Hawaiian Kingdom who was illegally overthrown has been fighting in the courts desirous to come out from under the U.S. jurisdiction.

    However, the Deuteronomy prophecy shows, like Pharaoh, the U.S. will not let her go, not without Divine intervention.
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