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Formal Discussion Peanut Gallery thread - Mormonism; Church or Cult

Discussion in 'Formal Debate Peanut Gallery (controversial topics' started by MarkRohfrietsch, Nov 3, 2015.

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  1. MarkRohfrietsch

    MarkRohfrietsch Unapologetic Apologist Supporter

    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. silvermoon383

    silvermoon383 Regular Member

    Welp, that was in interesting one to see.
  3. Abram's Awakening

    Abram's Awakening Active Member

    Mormonism is simply another branch stemming from the tree whose leaves are destined to wither. It is another religious establishment that has been erected in falsehood, conformed by lies-for its foundation corresponds with deception, another product of a prophetic apostasy and spiritual exile-among many others...

    The Christian doctrine and the inheritance given to those who followed the Lord while He was among us in the flesh-was taken after the death of the Apostles who laid the foundation, by the Romans and those of whom were revealed as gnostics, namely Simon Magus. Thus a new age begins in apostasy, where ancient deceptions, doctrines of demons, and false knowledge sneek in to saturate and infect Christianity for ages to come.

    Mormonism is another branch of this tree whose roots were poisoned long ago. What happens when you put one small drop of poison into a cup of water? The whole cup becomes poisoned...

    Are they a cult? I don't think that's really the issue. The issue at hand is this: If all these establishments are truly misguided-calling themselves Christians, but aren't. Claim to know Christ, but don't. Who are the Christians? Where can they be found? What exactly is a church?

    So many questions, and even more answers...
  4. My God is Yahweh

    My God is Yahweh New Member

    Title of Video: The Scary History of Mormonism
  5. charles at doctrineprimer

    charles at doctrineprimer Newbie

    Besides the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price having dominion over the Word of God, and besides all of the crazy superstitious beliefs they have in things like their magic underwear, what makes the Mormon religion a cult is their belief that Jesus Christ and Satan are brothers. Satan became the Devil and adversary when he rebelled over the fact that he was not chosen to be the Savior of the man. The Mormons obviously teach another Christ which makes them an anti-christ movement and a cult.
    They also believe that the men will become a god of their own world in the next life.
  6. 613jono

    613jono Member

    Mormon religion is a fairly new one in terms of history...as far as being a cult? Sure. With that said it could be argued that all Christian denominations are cults, after all-they all spring from the root of catholisism (i am not a catholic basher).
  7. Taom Ben Robert

    Taom Ben Robert Roman Catholic

    United States
    "Grabbing soda and popcorn "
  8. Super14LDS

    Super14LDS Active Member

    What happened to the debate?
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