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Forgiving and Forgetting... Same thing?

Discussion in 'Sign Gifts' started by Jdmessenger, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. Jdmessenger

    Jdmessenger Well-Known Member

    What is your response to this? Just curious to read what others think. Personally, I believe they are the same thing. I don't say that lightly, but, I do believe that is what scripture teaches us about forgiveness.

    Believe me, I have a lot of reasons not to believe that and it has taken me a long time to get to where I am now, but, it has led to a road of healing in me and in those who have wounded me. A place of peace and rest. I believe it is only by the grace of God and knowing/loving Jesus Christ that I have been able to get to that point. Can someone arrive there without the love of Christ in them? My answer to that is "no". Thank you Jesus for your love. To forgive and forget is a gift that goes both ways. Prayer is key too.

    To those who are hurting and wounded from past hurts and horrific circumstances, no disrespect to you, I'm among you, I have a deep compassion for you and if anything, I want to encourage you that there does exist a freedom from pain and suffering of past wounds. His name is Jesus! All things are possible with God!
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  2. Elijah2

    Elijah2 No weapons formed against me will prosper.

    Nice article!

    Well it took me nearly 30 years to forgive an officer I served with in Vietnam, and the hardest of all when I finally forgave him, I had to then love him.

    As our Lord Jesus Christ said, "Remember no more!"
  3. novi12

    novi12 New Member

    Yes Practice humbleness and forgive everyone those who have hurt u and those whom u have hurt......... Amen
  4. BeautifulWorshipper

    BeautifulWorshipper We are the revival generation.

    Forgiveness. something I've struglled with recently...

    God forgives you then he forgets it, like totally say you did it again and you went " im so sorry, but I've done it again.." and he would be like "done what?"

    God forgives and forgets so shouldn't we too?
  5. peacechild4

    peacechild4 My ♥ is hidden in GOD~ want to find me ~ find GOD

    Word of Faith
    "I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more."
    Isaiah 43:25

    blot out, (Dictionary)a.to make indistinguishable; obliterate: to blot out a name from the record. b.to wipe out completely; destroy: Whole cities were blotted out by bombs.


      1. To recall to the mind with effort; think of again: I finally remembered the address.
      2. To recall or become aware of suddenly or spontaneously: Then I remembered that today is your birthday.

    Praise God!! :clap:

    I love your pictures, where do you find them all??
    My hubby is not a believer yet.. Do you know where some good wall paper's are.. with wittnessing type pics like this?? They could minister to him whenever he sits down to the computer!!:D

    Keep posting your pictures please!!!
  6. Elijah2

    Elijah2 No weapons formed against me will prosper.

    Read the article that I've just posted, "Forgive Yourself"!
  7. PassionateWorshipper

    PassionateWorshipper I am my beloved's and his desire is toward me

    I don’t believe that our minds are designed to ‘forgive and forget’. I think that it is entirely awesome that God says that He ‘forgets’ when He forgives us. I, however, cannot truly fathom that, but God is God and I believe Him wholeheartedly. However, He’s never commanded us to do the same…

    What Jesus told Peter we are supposed to do is, ‘forgive and forgive’:

    “Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.” Matthew 18:21-22

    People have spent a lot of their lives “repressing” and “suppressing” memories that have caused them pain. How can we forgive what we don’t allow ourselves to remember? (Remember, true repentance and forgiveness are for specific things. General, “I forgive everybody for everything” prayers are for the most part, ineffectual.)

    As a child I was repeatedly molested. There were evidences in my life that all had not been well as I was growing up. But it wasn’t until I allowed the Lord to reveal what was in my heart and my mind to me that I could actually forgive the perpetrator(s). In fact, I had to “forgive and forgive” every time the memories surfaced because they held incredible pain. As Jesus (who is always faithful) brought healing to those painful areas, I found that I could remember without pain. Once the pain was gone, I no longer needed to forgive because I had perfect peace.

    There are evidences all around us of the pain we repress in our lives. Worry, anxiety, anger, rage, fear, panic, perfectionism, many illnesses, depression, and the list goes on and on.

    The truth is as we open up our hearts, minds, and lives to the Lord, He is faithful to point to the areas that keep us from becoming free. I rejoice today that I have found Him faithful to heal every time. This is the healing that Jesus died to offer us. It is for every one of us.

    To tell a person that they haven’t forgiven unless they’ve forgotten, dear one, only serves to keep hidden the very snare that the enemy uses to keep us bound. I will not hide anymore because shameful things have been done to me. Jesus has born my shame and when I forgive, He carries it away. It no longer is mine. But I remember what happened, therefore I can testify. This is the word of our testimony that destroys strongholds and tears down delusion. This is the transformation that reveals God’s glory throughout the earth. This is the testimony of the ultimate saving grace found in no one except Jesus Christ alone. :clap:

    -PW :angel:
  8. LindyLouWho

    LindyLouWho A Fallen Lamb Renewed member

    Salvation Army
    I can never forget as hard as I try,the forgiving is easier.I have alot of stuff in my closet,will I ever really learn to forgive and truly forget? I just don't think it's possible.:sigh:
  9. DIVA_for_Christ

    DIVA_for_Christ Veteran

  10. Determinedheart

    Determinedheart Regular Member

    One very hard lesson is to learn how to forgive.
    In a situation once I asked Jesus how I could forgive this person that kept hurting me over and over.
    He said do you want to truly have a heart like mine ? I said yes, then he said you must love her like I love my children and you must forgive her over and over just as I have forgiven you.
    Then I thought about all the times in my life Jesus had forgiven me over and over :)
    And if I really wanted to be like Jesus I to must forgive people over and over.
    But I don't think God wants us to forget I think he wants us to remember so we can remember how we forgave that person. A tool we might need to remember ?

    But I do know in my heart he does not want us to dwell or resent or hold any anger about the situation.
    But I think to remember that your hand will get burnt if you put it on a stove will prevent you from burning your hand the next time.

    What if you forgot about the first time you burned your hand?
  11. PassionateWorshipper

    PassionateWorshipper I am my beloved's and his desire is toward me

    Well said.

    -PW :angel:
  12. Elijah2

    Elijah2 No weapons formed against me will prosper.

    Hi Lindy Lou,

    Yes, it's hard to forgive. Now, I've been there and done it all, and if you want help, then PM and I'll send you some articles that I wrote over the years.

    I am glad to share this with all who are struggling with forgiveness. Many find, it hard to forgive because they don't know how to forgive themselves as well.

    Love in Christ
  13. Elijah2

    Elijah2 No weapons formed against me will prosper.

    Hi Lindy Lou,

    This is an article that I had posted on this board, but it was deleted. Now if you need help with forgiveness then contact me, and read the posting below:


    During our pre-Christian and Christian life, we’ve all experienced many things that we regret ever doing, or be involved in. Sometimes, when we realise our mistake, or mistakes, we go back and restitute the wrong, and correct our wrong, by saying, “I am sorry! Please forgive me”, or “I am sorry! I forgive you”!

    Other times, because of our “pride”, we can’t admit our mistake, or mistakes, and fail to right our wrong, by saying those fabulous, three-little words: “I am wrong”; “Please forgive me”, or “I forgive you”!

    Sadly, the damage has been done, and we reap the consequences of failing to forgive. Memories, accusations, and self-condemnation flood our minds, and we go through, what some may refer to as “mental gymnastics”, but really, the mind becomes a “battleground”, and the enemy becomes part-and-parcel of it all. We beat ourselves up with guilt and shame, and with such words as, “If ONLY?”

    From our own personal browbeating, we sometimes plunge into a “pit of despair”, and the weight of our sin, seems to crush the breath out of our body. Christians know, the forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sadly, many only accept the “truth” of it in their minds, but deep down inside of their hearts, there is a nagging doubt of the “truth that they will know, the truth that will set them free” (John 8:32).

    So what can we do with those feelings of guilt, shame, and self-condemnation? We tend to beat ourselves up with whether it’s from God or our enemy. We keep on asking ourselves, “Are we forgiven”, or “Are we fooling ourselves”? Our struggles seem to be amplified by our ongoing failures in our attitudes, or actions, and maybe our situation is so terrible and painful that we say to ourself, “Even if God forgives me, I’ll never forgive myself!”

    Sadly, many of us think that our sins are so big and so terrible, that God won’t forgive us, and there is no hope for us, because of those things that leave guilty scars upon our hearts.

    We become haunted by our past fornication, adultery, homosexuality, prostitution, or perversion. Maybe, we’ve committed terrible crimes, have caused or been the victims of a painful divorce.

    Others have emotionally tormented some of us, or we have tormented others through verbal abuse, such as our spouse or children, or injured them through physical abuse.

    Others are carrying false feelings of guilt and condemnation, because they were on the receiving end of their wrong decisions or choices of other people.

    Some have been careless, selfish, disobedient, or missed God altogether, and now irreparable damage has been done. Maybe a tragedy could have been avoided, had you acted differently.

    But when we look at it all in another direction, then maybe these problems aren’t as devastating as they appear.

    I believe that much of the real reason for most Christians feeling a discouragement, or failure, or the weight of guilt, is because they haven’t “FORGIVEN THEMSELVES”.

    Now, the act of “forgiving ourselves” can only have value after we confess and repent our sin or sins, by taking our guilt and shame to our Lord Jesus Christ, and have received His forgiveness. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only One who can truly cleanse our heart from guilt, “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace…” (Eph. 1:7).
  14. cinnabunch

    cinnabunch Member

    In Relationship
    We are human. It is impossible to just forget something that caused pain. Just because something is remembered, doesn't mean I havn't forgiven. If we forget why we hurt, then how can we share the wonderful thing God has done when we recieve healing and forgive?

  15. Elijah2

    Elijah2 No weapons formed against me will prosper.

    Yes, our Lord Jesus Christ said that when HE forgives HE remembers no more.

    But, I can assure you, seeing that I had to work through a lot of forgiveness that I carried for 30 years. You can forgive, but those old hurts keep on coming back.

    Finally our Lord said to me, "LOVE THEM TO!" Well, that's a different kettle of fish. "LOVE THEM, I said, You gotta be kidding?"

    Well, I can tell you when I could say that I LOVE THEM, then all that hurt I remembered NO MORE.

    If you like to read my testimony and articles on forgiveness I would greatly send them to you.

    Now we can all say what you have said, but if those old things still hurt then you haven't worked fully through your forgiveness. When you can say that YOU LOVE THOSE PEOPLE, dead or alive, then you have forgiven.

    Love in Christ
  16. ~InHisHands~

    ~InHisHands~ At the feet of Jesus

    I believe it is possible to forgive. However, to forget is another matter. It is my belief at present time that if we forget, we do not retain the lesson learned and we might be in danger of having things repeat themselves in our lives. I think by remembering we are more able to guard our hearts.
  17. CaiperLane

    CaiperLane Member


    I don't agree. God forgives AND forgets because he is able to. He is God. We on the otherhand are people and are not able to completely forget nor should we. If we did then we would be constantly taken advantage of and repeatedly revictimized by the same people we are forgiving. If someone commits a sin against you, let's say molesting your child, setting your house on fire or beating you up everyday you can forgive him but you need to stay on your guard to protect yourself.

    Forgiving means letting your heart heal and not holding a grudge for what that person did to you forever. Forgive does not mean letting them off the hook. But you are letting go any ideas of payback, you are no longer allowing that betrayal to take hold of you anymore. Medical professionals say forgiveness is healthy. Holding onto resentment can cause many physical problems.

    Forgetting? God forgets because he promises us a fresh beginning when we repent. He can do that. He's God.

    Forgetting for us is different. We cannot offer a clean slate to another. And remembering is a part of learning and becoming wise. I've had to forgive some horrible things that people have done to me over the years. I don't hold it against them, nor does it cause me pain. But I'll always remember. It's way down deep inside. Our experiences here on earth help us to counsel others who have shared the same experiences. These are life lessons and forgiving although most times we cannot forget will show us how mighty our God is when we draw upon him for our peace of mind.