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For my marriage in the coming week

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by lonelyandscared, Jan 12, 2003.

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  1. lonelyandscared

    lonelyandscared GOD CAN DO GREAT THINGS!

    The coming week will probably determine the outcome of our marriage as critical decisions and alternatives will likely be addressed. This is all now in my wife's hands...and GOD'S. Is there a real love still present? Is there the power to forgive? Is there the strength to keep the holy vows we both made? Will we be able to respond as Christians? All of this and more. I know what I want for us, but that is not enough. Lord, I ask for your hand and the hand of the Holy Spirit In the name of Jesus to heal all that must be healed. Bless us Lord and protect us from the ways of the enemy. Deliver us from the temptations of the world and the weaknesses of the flesh and the mind. Touch this situation with your holy hand and bring us your peace that we both might know your love. All of this I ask through the faith that you have given me in the power of your love and the wisdom of your plans for us.
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  2. Mr.Cheese

    Mr.Cheese Legend

    Dude, I hope it all works out.
    Welcome to the site.
  3. carmen

    carmen Active Member

    Continuing to pray.
  4. Buggyman

    Buggyman <marquee behavior=scroll direction=left scrollamou


    We must accept what God wants for us. My Prayer is for your wish to be done. But sometimes God has other plans.
    Keep the faith..
    Trust in God
    Know that he Loves you no matter what.
    Accept his will.. whatever it may be.

    I'll be praying for you.

    Buggy :angel:
  5. altya

    altya Servant of God

    I'm praying for you
  6. Screamin-GOD-Till-I-Die

    Screamin-GOD-Till-I-Die Mr Cheese MY BIG BROTHERE

  7. Blade

    Blade Veteran Supporter

    Lonelyandscared I will agree with you and be praying

    "Lord, I ask for your hand and the hand of the Holy Spirit In the name of Jesus to heal all that must be healed"

    Some of us have been there. ;)
  8. Blessed-one

    Blessed-one a long journey ahead

  9. GodOwnsMe

    GodOwnsMe Well-Known Member

    Father I'm standing in agreement w/ lonelyandscared's prayer. Please mkae things work out best for everyone and comfort lonelyandscared and his wife and fill their hearts with Your love, peace, adn joy. Please carry them thru this and restore them. In Jesus' name. Amen
    God Bless you !!! :)
  10. wvmtnkid

    wvmtnkid Order of the Candle

    In agreement with the prayers posted here.

    lonelyandscared, I do pray that God will grant you the desire of your heart and that your relationship with your wife will be restored.

  11. GREG

    GREG Big Ol' Bully

  12. JDM

    JDM Be still, and listen...

    :pray: for you and your family.
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