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For churches that have retained a synaxarium: how many entries per day?

Discussion in 'Denomination Specific Theology' started by dzheremi, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. dzheremi

    dzheremi Coptic Orthodox non-Egyptian

    Oriental Orthodox
    I'm just curious if there is any kind of upper limit to the number of commemorations on a given day in the Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, and other more traditional churches which have kept alive a traditional synaxarium. Usually in the morning I will check the day's Coptic synaxarium readings, and today there are 9 entries. This is a lot, and made all the impressive by the fact that it is read from publicly as part of the liturgy in the Coptic tradition. So today, the celebrating clergy read:

    1. The departure of St. Thecla, contemporary of St. Paul
    2. The martyrdom of St. Isaac (of Shama, in the district of Ashmoun)
    3. The martyrdom of St. Hilaria
    4. The martyrdom of St. Thecla (different than above) and St. Mouji
    5. The martyrdom of St. Anthony of Beba
    6. The martyrdom of St. Apakragoun the Soldier
    7. The martyrdom of St. Domatius the Syrian
    8. The consecration of the church of St. Mercurius
    9. The departure of Abba Palamon, the father of monks (c. 600 AD, or 316 'anno martyrum' as per the Coptic calendar)
    Some of these entries are rather short (the one for the consecration of the church of St. Mercurius is only two sentences), but the one for Abba Palamon is huge (copied it from the Southern United States diocese website into a Word document out of curiosity -- it's 3,492 words and takes up three whole pages). Since I don't know of any other churches outside of my communion where the synaxarium is read as part of the liturgy, I would imagine that there's no reason to limit the number of people or events commemorated on a given day. I don't know of any kind of upper limit in my own church either, though this is the highest number of commemorations I've seen in a given day.
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  2. George95

    George95 CF Tech Master Staff Member Purple Team - Moderator CF Senior Ambassador Supporter

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox

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