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FIRST Illuminati Murder of End Times REVEALED LAST by the TWO LAST END TIME Prophets

Discussion in 'History & Genealogy' started by MattMarriott, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. MattMarriott

    MattMarriott Active Member

    FIRST Illuminati Murder of End Times REVEALED LAST by the TWO LAST END TIME Prophets

    Treaty of Versailles, 28 June 1919 - The pinnacle of Illuminati Theater in the script for TWO World Wars, the formal specification of the 1918 11/11, 11:11 milestone, that was openly revealed worldwide first by End Times Prophet 90 years later to the day. (1)

    What better day than today, 90 years later to the day, for End Time Prophet to openly (2) reveal worldwide first the milestone that appears in the timeline days before the formal begin of End Times (3) as an illuminati murder (4), 95 years later to the day?
    More precisely as the last "black sheep" (5) murdered by the Illuminati days before the begin of End Times and in fact by the first bullet of the illuminati script for global slaughter.

    The name of the resister murdered, as written on his tomb:
    F _ _ _ C _ _ _ O
    F _ _ _ I _ _ _ _ O

    Murder that "triggered" First World War at Sarajevo v "Murder" of "Neda" in Iran
    How does this real illuminati murder compare to the fake illuminati murder of "Neda", the iranian "innocent bystander" that would have been already "exposed" by the illuminati as a hoax staged by "those contesting the victory of Ahmadinejad in the elections", if the hoax had not been immediately exposed by End Times Prophet in many dozens of timestamped messages to YouTube? (6)

    Begin here: in both cases the official story was designed to mislead people of a particular nation into celebrating false heroes. More precisely to have Iranians celebrate "Neda" for a few days and to have S _ _ _ S celebrate the "killer" of F _ _ _ C _ _ _ O F _ _ _ I _ _ _ _ O for now 95 years to the day.

    "Killer" that "triggered" Global Slaughter at Sarajevo, 1914 v "Killer" that "executed" first Mass Slaughter in US, 1995
    As Matt Marriott begun posting in the internet, 1998, he was the first to explain that Timothy McVeigh was COMPLETLY innocent from what he was accused, exposing the OKC bombings as the first "Reichstag" type of mass slaughter by BushClinton.
    Three years later, as the Illuminati executed Timothy McVeigh, he was no more the only one exposing the official story. In fact the Illuminati Web of Disinformation was actively "exposing" it.
    Yet nobody else was able to state the simple TRUTH about the total innocence of Timothy McVeigh.

    Now how does the serbian Gavrilo Princip compare to Timothy McVeigh, other than how the illuminati scripted their roles for mass slaughter, in one case murdering a couple to be immediately followed by a couple million and in the other case by murdering a couple hundred (more precisely 168) and waiting 6 years to stage the next act of a couple thousand?
    Hint: think End Times Reductionism.

    End Times Reductionism, Treaty of Versailles 28 June 1919 and Sarajevo 28 June 1914
    28 June 2009 - 90 years to the day after Versailes ... 95 years to the day of the murder that "triggered" the First World War ... Exposing that illuminati murder immediately exposes why the Illuminati staged the Treaty of Versailles act on 28 June, the last key detail that Prophet did not yet reveal about that act.
    It took almost 100 years to FULLY expose the Treaty of Versailles as Illuminati Theater. Contrast that with much less than 100 hours it took to expose "martyr" "Neda".
    And yet both were exposed by only one. One and the same.

    (1) 11/11 - the start code for global genocide, introduced by the genocide of the Jews
    Blog result: http://illuminati-world-wars.blogspo...interrupt.html

    (2) The basic facts were revealed first by End Times Prophet Guido Knopp.
    We know now who the End Times Prophets were. There were only 3 (+1): the children of Fatima, George Orwell, Matt Marriott (and Guido Knopp)http://end-times-history.blogspot.co...hets-were.html

    (3) The same Prophet who revealed first the FULL STORY of key illuminati murders part of the End of the USA puzzle, from Marylin Monroe to J.F.K Jr, from J.F.K to R.F.K.
    Blog result: http://illuminati-murders.blogspot.com/

    (4) To understand the last days, you should know why July 1914 to April 1915 were the the first days of End Times - epxlained by the two last End Time Prophets long ago
    Blog result: http://end-times-history.blogspot.co...july-1914.html

    (5) And what does Prince William of England have to do with murdering "balck sheep"? Answer:
    Blog result: http://satanic-celebrations.blogspot...ush-photo.html

    (6) CIA psy-op "NEDA" used to stage Fake death of "innocent bystander" in Iran to discredit protesters: All explained BEFORE the second and final act, "NEDA" resucitated
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2009
  2. redwards

    redwards I doubt it.

    I have a question for you: is a tinfoil skullcap sufficient, or do I need to wrap my whole head in tinfoil to keep the reptilian illuminati crop-circle radios from infecting my brain with vapor trails in 2012?
  3. OluYoruba

    OluYoruba Newbie


    Francisco Ferdinando
  4. Steezie

    Steezie Guest

    Still at it, eh Matt?
  5. Chesterton

    Chesterton Whats So Funny bout Peace Love and Understanding

    Eastern Orthodox
    I finally understand. Rossignol's curious, albeit simply titled book, the Origins of a World War, spoke in terms of secret treaties, drawn up between the Ambassadors from Plutonia and Desdinova the foreign minister. These treaties founded a secret science from the stars. Astronomy. The career of evil.

    A bedtime story for the children of the damned. From a dream world paralleling our Earth, in time and space, the Invisible Ones have sent an agent who will dream the dream of history. With limitless power, he becomes the greatest actor of the 19th century. Taking on many disguises, he places himself at pivotal junctures in history, continually altering it's course and testing our ability to respond to evil. His name is Imaginos.

    By Silverfish Imperetrix whose incorrupted eye sees through the charms of doctors and their wives. By Salamander Drake and the power that was undine, rise to claim Saturn, ring and sky. And sorry I don't really have an ending for this.