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FIRST EVER real BREAKING NEWS about actor playing "Obama": is not completely a BEAST

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by MattMarriott, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. MattMarriott

    MattMarriott Active Member

    Although what happened November 8 exponentiated what happened one day earlier, it was what happened November 7 that are indeed the

    THE FIRST EVER real BREAKING NEWS about actor playing "Obama": he is not completely a BEAST

    Nov 8 - "Obama" completely loses control and cries non-stop for minutes until he leaves the microphone and the room.
    Not completely censored by illuminati media because it happens while "obama" thanks campaign workers.
    Illuminati consider it good enough of a reason to not let the cattle be suspicious about it.
    Nov 7 - for the first time "Obama" can not control emotion and ONE tear falls, as once again Illuminati change plans at the last minute. (2)
    "Obama" was not psychologically prepared to carry the burden , for a few more days than planned.
    The burden of the main role in the script that includes the genocide of millions of blacks and hispanics. (3)
    "Obama" glimpsed the hand of God, once again forcing the illuminati to change the scripted tide of events.
    And as the tide switches the lights one last time it finally allows a glimpse of souls where they were no longer expected. (4)

    (1) Illuminati media uses"coincidentally" also the word "EVER" in a web wire, immediately after the headline: "IN THE most candid and emotional scene ever captured of Barack Obama on camera ..."
    This link has the video:

    (2) once again Illuminati changed plans at the last minute.

    (3) A burden part of a script that also includes the genocide of millions of whites. Explained long ago, worldwide first and so far only by LAST Prophet:

    (4) A creep can still CONFESS WHO HE IS. A beast can no longer CONFESS what IT IS.
    1960 to the END, Fatima to Radiohead:
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