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Finding relation to God in non-christian music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Bcs90, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Bcs90

    Bcs90 New Member

    United States
    It seems no matter what I listen to, even if it's not techically Christian I imagine it is God speaking to me through the music.

    Like Bob Segar - Turn the page, I imagine turning the page as meaning turn the page of the bible or leaving my old self behind and starting a new chapter with Jesus.

    Sam and Dave - Hold on im coming. I like to imagine it's like Jesus saying to reach out for him for satisfaction and to be patient.

    those are just two examples out of thousands though. can anyone relate to this? I also dont want this to be blasphemy, I know these singers are not God and don't worship them but I like to think it's God trying to speak/comfort me through music.. or maybe it's not God doing it and I'm just drawing those correlations in my mind?
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  2. -Sasha-

    -Sasha- Handmaid of God

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    Even if you are drawing the correlations in your mind, why would that mean they aren't real? Scripture instructs us to pray without ceasing, a good way to start is if everything you encounter turns your mind to God! Maybe Bob Seger wasn't thinking about God when he wrote a song, but it's good if you start thinking of God when you hear it. And maybe the person who sewed the blanket you use wasn't thinking about God when he sewed it, but if everytime you cover up with it you thank God for giving us blankets to keep warm with, it is good. Maybe the person who prepared the food you eat wasn't thinking of God when they prepared it, but it's good to think of God and thank Him when you eat it.

    Everything can be an opportunity to think of God, if your heart is in a state of loving Him.