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Finally joined your ranks

Discussion in 'Married Couples' started by Pope Gonzo, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Pope Gonzo

    Pope Gonzo Well-Known Member

    Good evening, everyone! As I type this post, I'm about to go to bed, and my new bride (as of this past Saturday) and I will be getting up early and flying to our honeymoon destination in South Carolina, to return on Sunday.

    There's not much more to this post than information, but just to throw out some conversation, what was your honeymoon/first week like? Did you go anywhere? Did you ever see daylight? You get the picture :)
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  2. Solitaire

    Solitaire ...the extraordinaire!


    Our honeymoon was fabulous, and we have such fond memories of it. It was just so relaxing and peaceful after all of the stress before the wedding (we lost a dear pet the day before the wedding, just to make things more crazy). We didn't do a lot of sightseeing, but we spent heaps of quality time together and went crazy with the gourmet dining (a shared passion).

    Have heaps of fun, and congratulations again! :)
  3. Marina*

    Marina* Member

    We dang near killed ourselves. Hope you do the same!! ;) ;) ;)

    Yeah baby,
  4. EJO

    EJO Hellafreak

    Hey, congrats.
    That was a magical time.
    We also dang near killed ourselves that first couple weeks.
    there is this thing that some people have done, where you get a large pickle jar, or any other large sized jar will do. An everytime you do 'it' you put in a bean, jelly bean. You do this for the first year of marriage. then after that first year of marriage you take one out each time you perform 'it' for the rest of your marriage. What I have heard is that you never run out of beans because you never equal out the amount of times you and your wife do it that first year of marriage as you would the rest of your lives together.

    We never tried it, but I'd be interested to see if the statistics to see if it true...

    EJO- peace
  5. Beth1231

    Beth1231 Guest

    LOL! I have been married six months and now I'm wishing we had done the pickle jar thing! Anyway..ahem...the honeymoon was special. I needed it so badly after a whirlwind engagement during my senior year at college! We went to Stowe, Vermont and it was an awesome week. I understand what you people mean by "we dang near killed ourselves" but I definitely think 'it' was wayyy better after the honeymoon (practice makes perfect) ;)
    To the OP: CONGRATULATIONS and perhaps bring a pickle jar....
  6. charligirl

    charligirl Senior Veteran

    Well our honeymoon was fabulous, but i have to say not quite as, erm, 'active' as the other posters. We did a huge amount of just being together. We went out every day walking ( we were in the outer hebrides of Scotland) and sat watching the northern lights at night.

    My DH and I did not sleep together before our marriage but I felt a huge pressure from all the comments from my christian friends that your honeymoon should be some sort of sex fest.. there was lots of nudges and winks and comments about it in a jovial manner before hand. I have to say I found all this to be extremely unhelpful as once we found ourselves alone, and despite the fact at 32 and 45 we weren't exactly inexperienced from our past lives (if you get my drift), we were actually like teenagers, shy and a bit erm, well fumbling. The whole notion that this was supposed to be some sort of marathon where we never saw the light of day made me feel like we were doing something wrong. (which is stupid of course) perhaps if we had been in our 20's it would have been different, who knows, we both came with baggage of past sexual encounters.

    For us it was a sweet time of shyly getting to know each other and getting used to sharing the same space.